'Willfully Hers' ( The Dirty Business Series Book #2) - Chapter One

** Please be aware that this sample chapter contains mild spoilers from the start for ‘Lawfully His’, the first book in the series **

(You can check out Chapter One of 'Lawfully His' first, right HERE.)


Being married to the boss doesn’t mean I get away with all kinds of shit. I don’t. Special treatment? Some may assume I get a bit of that but, no. I get none. If anything, he works me harder than he ever did before I got to share his bed on a permanent basis. Okay, yeah, there are a few perks, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t – stolen kisses, five minute fucks in the file room in between meetings; those times when his hand will “accidentally” fall onto my ass as he leans over to explain something to me.
It’s been a little over three months since I married Evan King – joint managing partner at Cavendish King, one of the most respected top-tier law firms in New York. Three months, that’s all it’s been, so of course my stomach still flips like a crazy-assed acrobat every time he looks at me, in fact, I’m kind of hoping that feeling never goes away. But at work, we’re the epitome of professionalism. Most of the time…


I don’t miss the way every male head in the Cavendish King Foyer turns when she walks in. Lola King. My wife. My secretary. She sashays across the marble floor, flicking her dark-blonde hair back over her shoulder, and I stop for a second, I let her carry on walking while I stand still and just watch her perfect ass; the way she sways her hips ever-so-slightly. And then she realizes I’m not beside her anymore and she stops and turns to face me, cocking her head slightly as she throws me a look.
I shrug and throw a grin right back at her. “What?”
“How old are you?”
“I like watching your ass when you walk, come on!”
“You’re in court in…” She quickly checks her watch, “precisely two hours and twenty three minutes. You might want to focus.”
“I am focused. On your ass.”
“Such a dick,” she sighs as she turns on her killer heels and strides toward the elevator.
I laugh quietly, watch her for a couple more beats, and then run to catch up with her.
She turns her head to look at me. “Have you checked over those papers Dana left on your desk last night?”
“Do you know how incredibly sexy you are when you’re like this?”
“Evan, I’m being serious here.”
“So am I. And yes, I looked over those papers. I did it while you were in the shower, I’ve done my homework, all right?”
She shakes her head as the elevator doors open and we step inside. And we’re alone. No one else is in here with us, and she thinks I’m wasting this opportunity?
I place a hand on her hip and gently push her back against the wall as I reach past her and press the button for the 43rd floor.
I shut her up with a kiss, and she responds in a heartbeat, ‘cause she knows we’ve only got a few snatched seconds here. The files she was holding drop to the floor, and I feel her fingers slide around the back of my neck as we kiss, and she laughs with her mouth still pressed against mine and the sound vibrates right through me. Jesus, I love this woman so fucking much! But as the elevator slides to a halt we pull away from each other, readjust our clothes and revert back to boss and secretary. I can’t help myself, though, as she bends over to retrieve the files she dropped, my hand cupping her ass as she stands back up and throws me another look. One that promises me something I’m gonna take, as soon as I get a break.
The elevator doors open and we step out into the main reception area of our floor, walking alongside each other but keeping an appropriate distance as we head toward our desks, exchanging just the briefest of glances before I go into my office and she takes her place in her cubicle just outside. But even as I switch on my laptop and get ready for the day ahead, I look out at the woman who’d spent time in my bed before she’d even set foot in this building.
A one-night stand turned into what I hope will be forever.
And that wasn’t something I ever thought I’d want to think about.


“You doing anything lunchtime?”
I look up as Jess – one of Cavendish King’s most talented junior partners, and one of my best friends – approaches my cubicle. “I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet. Why?”
“I’m apartment hunting. And I hate doing it alone. Come with me, Lola, please. We’ll grab a hot dog on the way, share a can of soda.”
“You’re making it sound almost irresistible now.” I smile slightly, and she returns it. “What’s up with your old apartment anyway? I thought you were settled there?”
“I was. But the owner of the building’s decided to sell up and move to Ohio, a real spur-of-the-moment thing, and my lease was almost up anyway, so…” She shrugs. “Time to move on.” She leans over my cubicle and rests her chin in her hand. “You gonna come help me find my new perfect place, then? Or have you got a business lunch with the boss planned?”
She grins, and I just throw her a look. “He’s in court all morning. So a hot dog and apartment hunting is about the best offer I’m going to get today.”
“OK. I’ll swing by around twelve. Got two depositions and a partners’ meeting to get through first. See you later.”
“Yeah. Later.”
“Lola? Can you come in here, please?”
Evan’s voice beckons me into his office and I push my chair back and go inside.
“Can you move my meeting with Edward Gardner back to three 0’clock, and find some space somewhere this afternoon for a quick sit down with Dana? She wants to see me about something, apparently.”
“Yeah, sure. What time you due back from court?”
“Around one, hopefully. I’ll let you know if I’m running late but it’s only a pre-trial hearing, so…” He looks up from his laptop and smiles at me. “Dinner? Tonight?”
I smile back and hand him his post. “Maybe.”
He laughs, and I turn to leave, but I know he’s watching me as I head back to my desk. I like it when he watches me. At home I put on a show for him, I give him good reason to watch me. Here, at work, it’s more subtle. But knowing his eyes are on me still makes me shiver.
Evan King once told me I belonged to him.
Once upon a time I fought that.
Evan King told me I belonged to him.

And now I do.

© Michelle Betham 2017

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