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⭐️It's Publication Day for Are You With Me!⭐️

Yes, it's here! Publication day for my brand new romance Are you With Me is here!

This story, set over four days at a fictional electronic dance music festival, was inspired by my own visit to my very first festival back in July - Tomorrowland in Belgium - and quite a few of the things that happened to us at Tomorrowland appear in this book: dancing in the rain; extreme weather; fabulous food... Let's put it this way, I did my research!

So, this story is very special to me, because it brings back a lot of memories of my time at Tomorrowland, a truly magical festival. It reminds me of what a very special place it is; how music can bring people together. It's a happy place. So this story is an uplifting one, and I just hope some of you out there enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it...

Book Blurb

Five people.
Five stories.
One festival…

After quitting his job, Markus arrives at Ethergy – one of Europe’s biggest electronic dance music festivals – with the realization that he’s come to a bit of a crossroads in his life. But he’s determined not to let reality get in the way of the weekend, that can wait until he gets back home, to Iceland. And after striking up a friendship with Sonny – the English girl who’s pitched her tent next to his – he begins to believe that this year’s Ethergy just might be the best one yet. He feels an instant connection with Sonny. She’s beautiful, but guarded, and he wants to get to know her more but she keeps pushing him away at every turn. Has he got time to make her feel that connection, too? Could they be more than just festival friends…?

Sonny has come to Ethergy – her first ever festival – alone. She wants to mark the beginning of the rest of her life, after escaping a controlling relationship, and despite feeling instantly comfortable in Markus’ company, it isn’t long before she’s putting those barriers back up that she thought she’d finally torn down. And she begins to wonder if she’ll ever really be free. But with the help of Markus, a new friend called Winter, and the magic of the festival, maybe she can be. Maybe…

Dutch DJ and producer Arne Vos has played Ethergy every year since the festival began. And this year he’s celebrating twenty-five years in the business by playing an epic eight-hour set on the final night of the festival. He should be having the time of his life, but what the outside world doesn’t know – doesn’t see – is that he’s struggling with the kind of self-doubt that’s caused him to suddenly start questioning everything from his career to his personal life.
He’s been in a relationship with Dutch-Belgian Techno/House DJ Elia Ida for a few years now. A rising star in the world of electronic dance music, Elia’s had to deal with people claiming she’s only with Arne because of who he is and what he can do for her, but they both know the truth. She doesn’t need Arne. It’s him who needs her, and that’s something Arne has trouble dealing with. That, and a past relationship Elia had with fellow DJ Magnus Jennsen, a.k.a. Magma. It got in the way, for a while, and it almost destroyed them all, but they got through it. Or maybe not, in Arne’s case. And with Magnus also playing Ethergy, and Elia still insisting he’ll always be her friend, can Arne continue to accept that? Or fight it. This year’s Ethergy is going to be a very different one for Arne, that’s for sure. In a way he can’t even begin to imagine…

For German couple Johan and Heidi, Ethergy is a very special place. They met there, five years ago. And they’ve been coming back as a couple ever since. But this year, Johan has something very special planned. He’s got it all mapped out in his head, the perfect moment, and Heidi’s going to love it. Isn’t she…?

Heid has an inkling that Johan has a surprise planned for this year’s Ethergy, after all, they have a lot to celebrate. Johan’s promotion. Moving in together. Their future, it’s an exciting one, and Heidi couldn’t be happier. Until she receives a phone call that turns everything they both thought they wanted upside down, in a heartbeat. And they only have the weekend to work it all out…

Can a festival really change your life?
For Markus, Sonny, Arne, Heidi and Johan, yes. It can. It did.
It changed theirs…

Are You With Me - the second book in the Superstar DJ Series - is available to download now, and it's also FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!
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Want to check out the first chapter? You can do that right now, just click the link below.
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Huge thanks to all of you who are still supporting me, reading my books, and giving me a reason to keep going with this. I'm more grateful than you'll ever know. Thank you! 😍

Michelle x

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