Friday, 10 May 2019

Before Today (Superstar DJ Series Book #1) - Release Date Info and Pre-Order Details are now here!

Yes, after almost eight months without even a sniff of a new release from me, I'm back with a brand new book, and a brand new series! 

Before Today is the first book in the Superstar DJ Series, and it's out on June 5th! 


The last thing freelance photographer Nina expected to find herself doing was following a dance DJ around Europe. She was more used to photographing rock stars and models, in fact, that’s what she was supposed to be doing this summer – hitting some of the biggest music festivals and photographing some of the world’s hottest rock stars. Instead, she’s playing the good Samaritan. Doing a friend a favor. And now she’s about to spend the next couple of months around people she doesn’t know, music she doesn’t like, in a world she knows nothing about. But, in a way, she could do with the distraction.

For too long Nina had been a magnet for the wrong kind of man. Men who’d made her cynical about love, ruined her belief in happy-ever-afters, so immersing herself in a whole new world, just for a little while – yeah, she was more than ready for that. More than ready to put her career first, and relationships on hold. What she wasn’t ready for was Yves Vandale…

Yves Vandale is about to make his comeback after two years away. A huge name on the electronic dance music scene, he’s all set to kick off his Ibiza residency in one of the islands top clubs, and get back to doing what he loves – playing some of the biggest dance music festivals in Europe. All he wants is to get back behind the decks, and leave his past – his reasons for taking that two year break – behind. He’s more than ready to get back out there. But what he isn’t ready for is Nina…

Both Yves and Nina think they’ve got their new futures planned.
They haven’t.
They both think their lives are back on track.
They're both wrong.

All Nina was looking for was a new challenge.
All Yves needed was a new start.
Neither of them got what they wanted.
But you know what they say about best laid plans...

From the beaches, bars and clubs of Ibiza to the dance festivals of Europe, ‘Before Today’ is the first book in the Superstar DJ series.

**While various characters over the course of the series will appear in many of the books, all books in the series will be separate, standalone stories.**

Want to check out the music behind the stories? The Superstar DJ Series Playlist is available to listen to right now over on Spotify! Just click the link below!

Before Today will be released on June 5th, but is available to pre-order now!

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Watch this space for more news, teasers and a chance to check out the first couple of chapters for FREE!

Michelle x

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

📚99p/$0.99 Featured Book of the Month - 'Reckless'📚

It's time for a brand new Book of the Month, and this time the focus is on red hot rockstar romance 'Reckless'!

A Vegas pole dancer with a shocking secret.
A hot-as-hell rock star with a reputation.
He saw her.
He wanted her.
He got her.

He doesn't know what she's done.
She doesn't know what he's capable of.
It doesn't matter.
'Cause falling in love, that was never an option.

Lily Mae - strong, beautiful, but damaged.
Seth Carter - an arrogant son-of-a-b***h who’s used to having anything he wants, including women. And what Seth Carter wants, Seth Carter gets, because no woman’s ever rejected him.

Lily did. At first.

She made him work, but she sure as hell was worth it. ‘Cause when it came down to it, they both wanted the same thing – no ties. No commitment. Just low-down dirty sex; someone to play with, until the boredom kicked in, ‘cause it always did, where Seth Carter was concerned.

But as their relationship unexpectedly shifts course, the game changes. They change. And as Lily’s sucked deeper into Seth’s rock star world, she struggles to keep her secret, and a game which started out being played on her terms suddenly switches to his as Seth realizes that his beautiful young plaything is way, way more than that. And he wants to keep her.

She let herself fall for a man who was nothing but bad for her. A man who caused her to become careless, because she saw nothing but him. A danger she ignored. 

Lily Mae isn’t who she says she is.
Seth kind of knew that.

And as the truth about who Lily really is – and what she did – finally comes to light, is Seth Carter the man who can save her? Or the one who destroys her…?

***Please be aware that Reckless contains strong language, heavy sex scenes, and adult content which may cause triggers for some. Suitable ONLY for readers 18+***

Until the end of May, you can download 'Reckless' for just 99p/$0.99/1.14EUR, or read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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And if you want to check out Chapters 1 & 2 of 'Reckless' for FREE you can do that right HERE! And try before you buy!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Meet the Author - Rachel Dove

Today I'm really happy to have the lovely Rachel Dove here on my blog to help her celebrate the release of her latest book The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street, which is out today! 


Lucy is looking for a fresh start.
Sam is in search of his past.
But what they both need most might turn out to be each other.

The picturesque village of Westfield is about to welcome some new residents.
Sam has transferred from London to the local Fire Brigade, but his move has more to it than a desire to escape city life. There are answers Sam needs to find and the village is the place to look.

Lucy is at the end of her tether. Between her marriage falling apart and single-handedly dealing with her son's special needs, Lucy knows something has to change. Westfield might juts be the new beginning she needs...

And now it's time to hear from Rachel herself...

They say write what you know, and when Harper Collins asked me if I would consider writing another book in the Westfield series, I knew what I wanted to do. In The Long Walk Back, I wrote about a soldier, and I really wanted to write a male character who was calm, controlled, kind and...well, buff. I normally get my inspiration for books from characters first. They come say hello, and tell me their story.

This story was not just about a couple meeting, and following their path. It was about Xander. Autism is a big part of my life, personally and professionally, and I wanted to tell their story. Xander is a combination of my own two children, and their little ways come out through him. In today's diverse times, people are wanting their stories told, and I wanted to contribute to this in a non preachy way. Hopefully, my readers will love him just as much as I do.

Autistic people are not all like Rain Man, in fact I rather detest that film for its dated portrayal. Being a parent of a child who is 'different' will test every ounce of strength they have, and more. I find myself saying things to my children that I never thought I would say. "Stop licking the fence!" or "I'm sorry, he doesn't mean it like that." My son Book Worm will tell me point blank when I look rubbish, or correct me when I am wrong. He will ask total strangers what the mole on their face is, and both of them not only see the elephant in the room, but they hug it, and make friends. They ask embarrassing questions, and often twirl or spin down the street. My youngest punched a llama once whilst trying to hug it, and then I almost punched the judgemental mum set of onlookers. It's not for sissies, I tell you, and that's why I wanted to have Xander in this book. I hope my readers love him too, and he doesn't detract too much attention from the rather hunky fireman, who is the real star of the story, along with Lucy, his mother. With Lucy, 'normal' is a dirty word. I concur. 

The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street is available to download now, and will also be available in paperback from July 11th. Check out the links below to grab your copy!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Rachel, and I wish you lots of luck with the release of The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street!