Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Pre-Order and New Book Release Date News!

Yes, there's another book on the way! Wicked Game will be out on April 18th, and it's available to pre-order right now!

Two's company.
Three was a mistake...

Fantasies. They’re something we all have, right?
Secret dreams that we may, or may not, choose to live out, for real.
For some couples, fantasies play a big part in their lives.
Noah and Kari are that kind of couple. Ordinary people who, every now and again, like to live out something a little extraordinary.
Their marriage is strong. Solid. They’re not afraid to try new things; to explore a world that not every couple is comfortable with. But when they decide to live out their ultimate fantasy, they have no idea of the impact that one night is about to have on their lives.
Inviting someone else to share their fantasy, that was supposed to be harmless.
It wasn’t.
That one night was only the beginning of a devastating chain of events that nobody could’ve predicted.
Inviting a stranger into their world wasn’t supposed to tear it apart.
It did.
And as shocking secrets are revealed, and gut-wrenching truths exposed, heartbreaking decisions have to be made.
Inviting a stranger into their world was something they thought they could control.
They were wrong...

Wicked Game - a dark, emotional, sexy love story... 
Coming April 18th. Pre-order available now!

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