Friday, 2 March 2018

⭐πŸ“šIt's Publication Day for The Wife - Part Four!πŸ“š⭐

It's out today! Till Death Do Us Part - the 4th and FINAL INSTALLMENT of THE WIFE

Writing as ML Roberts, The Wife Series - my first foray into the psychological thriller/domestic drama genre - comes to an end with the culmination of Ellie's story. Will she finally find the answers she's been looking for? Or are there yet more twists to come...?

With the publication of Till Death Do Us Part, it means that all four parts of The Wife are now available to download.

And if you want to read the entire story in one go, in one complete book, you can do that from next Thursday, March 8th, when The Wife is released as both a complete eBook and paperback. 
And both are available to pre-order right now, just click the links below to reserve your copies.

Complete eBook
Complete Paperback

The perfect life. The perfect wife ...?

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