Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Jackie Collins, Captain America, and a bit of Michael Fassbender...

I'm a huge fan of Jackie Collins, I've never made a secret about that. I love the way her books transport me to somewhere I will never be a part of, but thanks to her writing I can feel like I'm there, immersed in that sexy, scandalous world of movie stars, rock stars, wayward politicians... 

She was a huge inspiration to me over the years, when I was deciding whether I was brave enough to write my own books and tell my own stories, so much so that the first book I ever wrote - the rather epic No Matter What - was a story set in Hollywood involving movie star scandals; lots of glamour and glitz, secrets, lies... you get the gist. I loved writing book, although, I know for a fact if I looked at it now I'd want to re-write the whole thing, but that was the first book I ever wrote. And I'm about to release my twenty-third now, so, hindsight and all that.

Hollywood - the setting for No Matter What,
Illusions of Love, and Breathe Into Me.
Anyway, over the years I've gone from writing epic Hollywood romances to romcoms, to very dark biker romances and extremely HOT erotic romance. But now I've kind of come full circle with my next upcoming release Breathe Into Me. I've gone back to Hollywood, and written a book that I hope will transport readers into a completely different world the way the late Ms. Collins transported me. A world they can lose themselves in as they follow the lives of Quinn Baxter, Aaron Rogers, and Lukas Drake - three fictional movie stars whose stories, and pasts, intertwine to unearth tragic secrets, heartbreaking betrayal, and a web of lies that threatens to tear all their worlds apart...

Chris Evans
But what's Captain America got to do with all of this? Well, we authors need our inspiration, right? When it comes to creating characters, so, when it came to creating the character of hot Hollywood actor Aaron Rogers, I looked no further than Chris 'Captain America' Evans. Because he is just perfect! On every level, but that's a whole other blog post, that is. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah... when I was writing Aaron, Chris Evans kept popping into my head, because he was just how I imagined Aaron to be - mid-thirties, classically handsome, beautiful eyes and a kind soul. My first main male character had their muse. 
Michael Fassbender

But what about the second one? The character of British/Irish actor Lukas Drake? Who inspired him? Michael Fassbender, that's who. Lukas is a little more rough around the edges, a little less clean-cut so, in my eyes, Fassbender was the only one to inspire that character. And he's pretty easy on the eye, too, so, you know. It's all good. 

And I just adored writing this book. Sometimes I just love writing pure escapism like this, and I just hope that readers can lose themselves in this story I've created; escape from their own world into Quinn, Lukas and Aaron's. From the streets of LA, to the beaches of Malibu, to the gated homes of Beverly Hills, Breathe Into Me embarks on a journey of past mistakes, painful regret, and lost love. And what happens when fiction starts to mirror reality, and the whole world's watching...

Breathe Into Me is released March 30th, but it's available to pre-order now over on Amazon.

And you can now check out Chapter One of 'Breathe Into Me' right HERE!

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