Thursday, 30 March 2017

🌟It's Publication Day for Breathe Into Me!🌟

Yes, it's yet another publication day for me as Breathe Into Me is finally released! A little bit of a departure book for me, this has actually been two years in the making, started back in 2015 it's been put to one side several times as I concentrated on the darker side of romance with my biker books, but when I felt like I needed a short rest from the bikers; felt like writing a little escapism, I pulled this book back out, rewrote quite a chunk of it, and Breathe Into Me was born. And I'm really proud of this story. It really is pure and utter escapism and I make no apologies for that. It's a beach read, a lose-yourself-in-another-world kind of book, but I just adored writing it. And I just hope some of you out there enjoy reading it...


Quinn Baxter has it all – beautiful, talented and one of the highest paid actors in L.A. she’s living the Hollywood dream, alongside her movie star husband, Aaron Rogers; hot, handsome and as much in demand as she is. For ten years they’ve been crazy in love. For ten years their marriage has been one of the strongest in Hollywood. For ten years they’ve been happy. Ten years ago Quinn put pain and tragedy behind her to begin again, and Aaron, he saved her. He saved her, from a man who almost destroyed her. A man Quinn has never really let go of, no matter what those around her might have thought. So when he comes back into their lives in the most public way possible, it opens up a web of lies, betrayal and tragic secrets that threaten everything. Decisions made in the past come back to haunt the present, fiction starts to mirror reality, and real lives being torn apart suddenly makes great publicity in a world where box office receipts matter, and the truth rarely does.

Quinn was saved, once, from a man who almost destroyed her.
Now she needs saving again… 

'Breathe Into Me' is available to download now, and it's FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!

You can also check out the first chapter of Breathe Into Me right HERE.

Want to listen to the music that inspired this Hollywood love story? You can find the full Breathe Into Me Spotify playlist HERE.

And if you want to find out how Chris 'Captain America' Evans, Michael Fassbender, and Jackie Collins played a part in inspiring this book, check out this recent blog post...

'Breathe Into Me'... when the performance of your life isn't just for the cameras...

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