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#RomancingSeptember Day 4 - 'Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas'

#RomancingSeptember Day 4 Shirley Valentine Goes To Vegas by @michellebetham

Welcome to Day 4 of #RomancingSeptember

Today our guest is Michelle Betham and her book Shirley Valentine Goes To Vegas

Where is your home town?
My home town is a place called Whitley Bay, a small seaside town in north-east England, but I’m currently living a few miles away from there in County Durham.
How long have you been writing romance?
I’ve been writing romance for about six years now. Although, it feels like I’ve been doing it a lot longer!
What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?
It’s got to be action and adventure romance, and rock star romance. I love my romance with a bit of a kick, and that goes for what I read as well as what I write.
Introduce us to Lana Saunders.
Lana Saunders is about to turn forty. Newly-divorced after twenty years of marriage she’s grown tired of being the perfect corporate wife – mainly because she wasn’t very good at it. So she decides to completely change her life, and finally become the woman she’s always wanted to be, after too long trying to be the woman everyone else wanted her to be. Reconnecting with her tattoo artist brother, she gets herself “inked”, changes her hair, her clothes; her attitude. She even ditches her job as a stage manager in a theatre in order to train to become a tattoo artist herself. Lana is someone who’s lived most of her life for others, because it was the easy option. But after realising life was passing her by, she now wants to grab hold of it, live it to the full, and see just where that takes her. For once in her life, Lana Saunders is taking risks…
Why does she choose to go to Las Vegas rather than any other city?
She goes to Vegas with her brother, to attend a tattoo convention. But it’s a place she’s always wanted to visit, and it turns out to be a happy coincidence that she’s there at that particular time.
How would you describe the “Shirley Valentine” effect? What does it do to women?
I think it makes women realise that they don’t always have to “settle” for something that maybe isn’t making them happy anymore. Because that’s what Lana was doing – she was “settling”, until one day she realised she didn’t have to do that. I love the idea of the “Shirley Valentine” effect – this idea that you’re never too old to get out there and find that new life or follow your dreams. You’re never too old to take risks.
Who does Lana meet?
When she’s in Vegas, Lana meets Scotsman Eddie Fletcher. He’s a biker, and with his unkempt hair, beard and tattoos he’s the complete opposite of her businessman ex-husband. But he’s the kind of man Lana’s always secretly dreamed of – handsome in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way. Maybe even a little bit dangerous. And the instant connection between them can’t be denied. He’s exciting, and different, and that’s exactly what she’s looking for.
Tell us the most extreme thing Lana pushes her boundaries to do.
I think it’s when she starts to suspect there might be a slightly darker side to Eddie, yet she still can’t walk away – when she realises how different her new world has become. Taking risks was never something Lana did, in her past life. But she suddenly finds herself being faced with taking more risks than she could ever have imagined.
Tell us what you are working on at the moment.
At the moment I’m working on a rock star romance I began last year, but I’ve recently dug it out, had a read through, and decided I need to finish it! And I’m also working on another part-finished book involving movie stars, betrayal and hidden secrets – it’s a bit of a bonkbuster, that one! I’m also planning another series of biker romances, after releasing my first three MC romance novels over the past few months. That’s a genre I’m really falling in love with!
Where can readers find out more about you?
I’ve recently set up a website, and that can be found at
Twitter – @michellebetham
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'Allure' Cover Reveal!

Yes, I've no sooner released one book than another is on the way, which will make it my fourth release this year. But this next book of mine just had to be written. It was an idea that was given to me by my husband, which some people may find a bit odd, considering the subject matter, but there you go, and after just a few minutes of thinking about it, I had a story. And I'm a strong believer that if you find a story that you just HAVE to write; when you can't get the words down on the screen fast enough, no matter what else you may be doing at the time, that story comes first. And that's what's happened with 'Allure'.

'Allure' also sees a slight departure for me in that, this time, I've headed straight into the realms of erotic romance. And I know I'm no stranger when it comes to writing sex scenes - there are plenty in almost all of my books - but in 'Allure' it's a little more full on, shall we say, but given the subject matter, it's all in context. But some of the scenes ARE quite explicit, so I'm warning you now...

Anyway, there'll be more news about the book over the coming weeks, so watch this space. In the meantime, here's the cover...

I'm hoping to have 'Allure' ready for pre-sale some time in October, with a release date of late November/early December. 

And if you want to find out a little bit more about my brand new erotic romance - the first in a series - check out the first few pages, and even see who inspired the main male character, you can do all that HERE.

'Allure' - One night can change everything...

Friday, 11 September 2015

'Allure' - Title reveal and excerpt...

'Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas' has barely had time to settle 
onto those virtual bookshelves, but I'm already working really hard on finishing my next novel, which will be a self-published book this time, which means I'm taking more risks with it. And I'm pushing LOT of envelopes with this next book, believe me!

So, in light of that, please be aware, when reading the excerpt I'm about to post here, that this book (and the excerpt itself) is graphic in both sex and language and revolves around a subject some people may not feel entirely comfortable with, so if you're offended by any of that, don't go any further. You have been warned. Oh, and it's also a first draft unedited excerpt, so be aware of that, too. 

So, just what's it all about, then? First of all, the title....


Now a little bit of blurb...

A beautiful escort who plays out men's fantasies, for a price. 

A handsome stranger looking for one night of escape.

One night was all it should have been.

But one night can change everything.


And the first few pages...


This part of the UK is alien to me. I’ve never been here before, to North East England. I’ve visited London, on more than one occasion. I’ve even passed through Manchester once, a few years ago. All business-related, of course. None of my visits to Britain were ever about pleasure, and this one’s no exception.
Walking over to the window I look out at the view from my hotel suite on the banks of Newcastle’s River Tyne. This suite is way too large for what I really need – a living room, bedroom and large bathroom is, perhaps, a touch extravagant, but I like luxury; I’m used to it. And I’m here for a week, so I want somewhere I can feel comfortable.
I take a sip of mini-bar whiskey and continue to look out at the unfamiliar city that’s spread out in front of me. Night’s just beginning to fall but I’m too tired to venture outside. I can’t even summon up the energy to head down to the hotel bar. Whatever’s left here in the room will have to do. It’s been an exhausting day. It was a long flight, and I’m seriously considering an early night.
I down the rest of the whiskey and turn away from the window, heading over to the desk in the corner of the living room. The laptop’s already switched on so I start typing.
I’m in a strange country.
But it’s business as usual.


I close my eyes as he pounds into me. He’s one of my regulars, and I never mind coming to see him when he’s in town because all he requires me to do is, quite literally, lie back and let him do all the work. Some days that’s all I can be bothered to do, so it’s a bonus when that’s exactly what the client requires.
Jesus, Kira!’
I feel him come, and that’s my cue to give him the required amount of noise that lets him know I’m enjoying it too, but the truth is I’ve been doing this for so long now I feel numb to it all. I’ve just become a much better actress, but, hey, if it keeps them happy. And I’ve just earned over six hundred pounds for a few hours’ work that’s ended with me lying flat on my back while he sucks on my nipples, licks my pussy and fucks me in the most mundane way possible. But, like I said, he’s one of my regulars. I trust him. I like him. He’s a good man, he’s just not that good at relationships. In fact, I think I’m the closest thing to a relationship he’s got right now.
‘That was good!’ he groans, pulling out of me and rolling over onto his back. I sit up and place my hands behind me, pushing my tits out just a little bit, as a bonus, really. He’s still got some time left. If he wants to play a bit more I’ll let him. He’s my last client of the day. I’m feeling generous. After this I’m meeting some of the other girls downstairs in the hotel bar for a few drinks. We like to compare notes, talk about the good guys, and the ones we hope won’t try and book a repeat visit. Although, it’s our choice who we see. We just hate doling out rejection.
‘So, how long are you up here for this time?’ I ask as he turns onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow, his other hand reaching out to pull the covers clean away from me.
‘I’m heading back down south tomorrow. Bit of a flying visit this time, I’m afraid.’
I carefully study his face. He isn’t a bad looking man – at forty-five years old with dark grey eyes, short, grey-flecked hair and light stubble covering his chin he could easily give George Clooney a run for his money. Which is fine by me. When the clients are easy on the eye it makes my job a lot more fun. But I know, since his divorce eight years ago, that he’s steered clear of any lasting relationships. I know a lot about this man; I know a lot about most of my regular clients. They don’t just come to me for sex or a no-strings-attached date, a fair few of them see me as someone they can talk to, and I’m fine with that. They’re paying for my time, and they’re free to use that time in whatever way they wish.
I’ve been an escort for over ten years now, and it wasn’t exactly a career choice for me, but sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way you thought it might. I’ve been doing this for a long time, but there’s a reason why I turned to this life. And it goes deeper than just me not being very good at relationships, either. I don’t want to be. That’s my choice. Keeping men at arm’s length is the way I like it. I hold the power in this game, and that’s important to me. When men book me they know exactly what they’re going to get, if they read my profile thoroughly. I’m experienced, I’m popular, and I don’t have to do this every day of the week but in a warped kind of way I like it. It’s given me a good life. I’ve earned a lot of money, have a nice home, a lot of friends. And, most importantly, I have no ties, no commitments. The only person I have to keep happy, apart from my clients, is me. And that’s the way I like it.
‘Any idea when you’ll be back in Newcastle, Jason?’
Make them think they’re missed. Make them think they’re your favourite client. Tell them what they want to hear. It’s all part of the job.
‘I’ll try and make sure they send me back up here in a couple of weeks. We do a lot of business in the North East, so that shouldn’t be a problem.’
He runs his hand along my thigh, up over my hips and waist until he finds my breasts, and I allow him one more squeeze. But his time’s almost up now.
‘I should be going.’ I carefully remove his hand and stand up, giving him one more chance to check out my naked body as I stretch out, running my fingers through my hair. ‘But it’s been good seeing you again, Jason. As always.’ I flash him my best smile, and he returns it. He looks nice when he smiles. I find it hard to believe he hasn’t got women falling at his feet, this handsome man with the ridiculously well-paid job. So well-paid that he can afford to book me more than once during his regular visits to the North East. But then, I have to remember that he could very well be feeding me a pack of lies. He could be telling me anything, but it doesn’t matter either way. Single, married, whatever – it isn’t my job to counsel them. I just fuck them. They pay me to live out their fantasies, so who am I to question anything they tell me?
‘Make sure you keep some space free for me, OK? A couple of weeks, that’s all, and I’ll be back.’
I give him another smile as I pull my dress back on. I never took the sky-scraper heels off. He likes it that way. A lot of them do. ‘There’ll always be space for you, Jason.’
‘That’s my girl.’ He grins, and I pick up my bag, double checking I put his money in there. ‘You have a good night, do you hear?’
I stop in the doorway of his hotel room and turn to face him. ‘I will. And you take care. OK?’
I genuinely like this man. He’s been coming to me for almost five years now and it’s hard not to build up some kind of relationship – no matter how twisted it might be – with someone you see on a regular basis for that long. But I’m an expert at keeping a professional distance. I have detached down to a fine art. Give them what they want, yeah. But never give them too much.
Closing the door behind me I make my way to the elevator and head down to the bar to meet Sindy, Ruby and Lily, three of the newer, younger girls who’ve recently joined the agency. Sometimes I feel like their mother, but at thirty-six years old I’m almost a decade older than them, so that’s only natural, I suppose. And I feel a certain sense of duty towards the younger girls who come into the business. We work for one of the most prestigious escort agencies in the region, but a lot of the new girls will come to me for advice; they look up to me because I know this shit inside out. It’s my world. God help me.
‘A tall glass of ice cold Cava, please, Frankie.’
Most of the staff know us here. We’re familiar faces to them. They know what we do, and they don’t mind us being here because we’re discreet. We also look good, which never hurts, and we spend money. Quite a bit of money, sometimes, depending on the kind of day we’ve had.
‘Good night?’ Ruby asks, throwing Frankie – the tall, young, tattooed barman – a wink. I think she has a soft-spot for him, and I’m almost sure it’s reciprocated. I’m just not sure how he feels about what she does so whether anything’s going to progress past the winks and the smiles I have no idea.
‘I’ve just left Jason.’ I take a long sip of Cava and they all nod, because they know Jason’s one of those men I genuinely like spending time with. But I’m really tired now. Jason paid for a few hours today, because his visit is such a short one this time around. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t fuck for the entire five hours I spent with him. That isn’t the way it usually works. Sex happens, sometimes, of course it does. But with men like Jason – and I see a lot of men like Jason – it’s the company they want, too. So we had dinner, we talked; by the time we got back to his room there was only a  little over an hour of his time left. But it’s all catching up with me now.
‘This one guy I had today asked me if I swallowed.’
Sindy’s voice brings me back to the here and now and I look at her. ‘Did he read your profile?’ Every one of those men who consider coming to us should read our profiles on the agency website before they even think about booking us. If we don’t list it, we don’t do it. And, to be honest, over the years, as I’ve built up a regular client base and felt less of a need to take every booking that comes my way, my list has diminished somewhat. I don’t need to do all the things I felt I needed to when I first started out in this business.
‘He said he’d read it, but he asked if I’d make an exception.’
‘No exceptions.’ I look at the three younger girls beside me. None of them have been doing this all that long, but they’re clever girls. They’ve all got sensible heads on their shoulders. But I don’t think any of them are seeing this as something they’re going to continue once they’ve finished paying themselves through university. They won’t still be doing this when they’re my age. They won’t want to. It’s my choice I’m still here. I’m jaded and bitter and I need to do this. They don’t, I’m almost sure of that. ‘Once you start making exceptions word gets out and they’ll all start asking you to do it for them. Stick to what you’ve put in your profile. Don’t ever veer from that. And remember, if you feel threatened by anything or anyone you call the agency. OK? Or you call me.’
‘He seemed nice, though.’
‘No exceptions, kiddo.’ I drain the last of my Cava and slide down from the bar stool. ‘I’m calling it a night, girls. I guess this lady ain’t as young as she used to be.’
‘Oh, come on, Kira. It’s Friday night. We’re all going clubbing.’
I raise an eyebrow and throw Lily a sideways smile. ‘And you all go enjoy yourselves, but I’m going home now to catch up on some much-needed sleep.’
‘You working tomorrow?’ Ruby asks, holding her cocktail glass out to Frankie for a refill.
‘I’ve not got any appointments booked in as yet, and if I’m honest, I’m kind of hoping for a quiet day. But…’ I shrug, because nobody knows what tomorrow’s going to bring. Not in this business. ‘We’ll see how it goes. I’m keeping my calendar open. You all stay safe now.’
I just want my bed. And something mindless and boring to watch on TV.
This is my life.
This is how it turned out for me.
I want better for them.


It’s Saturday evening and I don’t intend to spend it alone. Yeah, it’s short notice, but it’s not like I haven’t used these kind of agencies before, both in this country and my own. There are always girls willing to meet at the drop of a hat. And I’m banking on the old American accent working in my favour here. That, and my undeniable charm.
I’ve spent the afternoon checking out the websites of a couple of the more reputable escort agencies in the region – I like to do my research when I’m in a new town. I don’t just want any old girl. And I think I’ve found the one I want tonight.
The list of things she’s willing to do isn’t as long as some of the other girls’, but I notice she’s been doing this for some time, and that intrigues the hell out of me. As does the fact there’s no photo of her face on her public profile, which isn’t unusual, but I, personally, have never met an escort without knowing what she looks like first. But this one – there’s something different about her. I don’t know what it is, I can just feel it. And I quite like the fact I have no idea what she looks like. I’m a risk-taker, and this is a risk I feel like taking tonight. The tattoo’s a definite turn-on, though. I might not be able to see her face on her profile, but the pictures that are there are showing that tattoo decorating one side of one hell of a killer body! I’ve never fucked a tattooed girl before, and now I’m kinda up for that. And her name – Kira Blu. Not her real one, obviously, but I like it. It has an edge. And I’m all for edgy. She’s also a little older than the women I usually book. I’m thirty-eight, but I normally like them a little younger than me; between twenty-three and thirty is my usual range. So, at thirty-six this lady is certainly making me break my own rules.
I decide to bypass calling the agency to see if she’s free. There’s an option on her profile to contact her direct, which also isn’t unusual. It’s the escort’s own personal choice as to whether she’ll allow initial direct contact or not.
I quickly punch in her number and wait. She answers after just a couple of rings. Good start.
‘Kira Blu.’
‘Hey, Kira, I’m Neal – a stranger in town who’s looking for some company tonight, and, I was wondering if you were free.’
‘Did it say I was free on my calendar?’
Whoa! A feisty one. But, man, that accent! I’m hard just listening to her. ‘Yeah, it did, but you seem to be a popular lady. There’s every chance some other guy could have got to you before I did.’
There’s a slight pause down the line before she laughs quietly, and even that’s sexy-as-fuck. I gotta meet this woman or my cock’ll never forgive me.
‘What kind of company are you looking for?’
I sit back in my chair and look out over a view I’m becoming more used to now. ‘Well, I thought dinner, here at my hotel, then back to my room for drinks…’
‘Is that all?’
I know what she’s asking, but I also know that, legally, it isn’t always wise to openly discuss sex over the phone. Even hinting at it can be risky. But I want sex. Of course I want sex. ‘We can talk. If you like.’
She laughs again, and she’s already got my cock on red alert. But she knows what I’m trying to say here.
‘I’m assuming you’ve read my profile, on the website.’
Yeah. I’ve read her profile. And like I said, she might not offer the longest list of services, but she’s willing to do enough to keep me happy. ‘Why don’t we just play it by ear, huh? See where the night takes us.’
‘How long were you thinking of booking me for? Minimum is two hours for an out-call.’
She gets straight to the point, I’ll give her that. It’s like planning a business transaction and, to be honest, I’ve never had this before from any escort I’ve used in the past. It’s fucking turning me on like crazy! ‘I’m not sure, exactly…’
‘I don’t work like that I’m afraid. I need to know how many hours you want me for.’
She really is one hell of a businesswoman. And I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad in my life. ‘Let’s say five hours. That OK?’ She’s not the cheapest, and five hours in her company is gonna set me back the equivalent of over nine hundred dollars, but I’m beginning to think there’s a reason for that. I’m guessing she’s gonna be worth every cent. And I can afford her.
‘Which hotel are you staying at?’
‘The Draysman, down on the Quayside. Do you know it?’
‘Yes, I know it. What time do you want me there?’
‘Eight 0’clock. I’ll meet you in the main bar downstairs. I’ll be wearing dark pants and a white shirt. I’m a dark haired, blue-eyed guy, and I’m sporting some stubble right now. So, you gonna tell me what you look like? So I can recognise you?’
There’s another slight pause, followed by another small laugh. I’m guessing this lady isn’t quite as hard as she might like to come across. ‘I’ve got long, dark-blonde hair which I’ll be wearing loose. And I’ll be in a knee-length, strapless black dress and high-heeled ankle boots.’
‘Great.’ She knows how to dress for the occasion, then.
‘Travel expenses will be extra, seeing as this is an out-call. You did see that on my profile, didn’t you?’
‘I read your profile twice over, honey.’
‘Good. You’re new, so I don’t want any confusion.’
‘There won’t be any of that, darlin’. I can promise you. See you in an hour.’
‘An hour.’
She hangs up and I smile, keeping the phone to my ear for a few more seconds before throwing it down on the desk.
I’m looking forward to tonight. This is how I get my kicks. No commitment, no ties, no feelings to get in the way.
This is how I get my kicks.
Strange women, great sex.
That’s the way I like it.

And that’s the way it’s gonna stay.

© Michelle Betham 2015

'Allure' will be available to pre-order in October, and released officially in early November. 

Oh, and as a possible further enticement, here's who inspired Neal Cannon, the main male character in 'Allure' - the super-sexy Matt Bomer... man, those eyes alone have inspired an entire chapter...

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It's Publication Day for 'Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas'!

Yes, it's finally here! My latest book - my fourteenth novel, and the fifth to be published through HarperImpulse - Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas, is now out there on those virtual bookshelves! 

Lana Saunders is on a mission to find the ‘new Lana’, the real Lana. After twenty years spent as a prim and proper businessman’s wife, she’s finally swapped beige cotton for black leather, and cardigans for tattoo sleeves! With the ink only just dry on her divorce papers, she’s ready to live it up in Vegas.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet wickedly sexy biker, Eddie, and is shocked when he asks her out. Not only does he send her sex-starved libido into overdrive, but the connection between them is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. So when Eddie asks her to stay with him in Vegas, the desire to fall into this gorgeous man’s bed and stay there forever is too tempting to ignore!

Living with Eddie in Las Vegas is the most fun Lana’s had in years—especially when he shows her there’s more than one way to ride a Harley!—but soon she realises she can’t ignore her old life forever, particularly when her ex, Adam shows up determined to win her back!

It's Shirley Valentine meets Sons of Anarchy in this raunchy, red-hot read, a story about what happens when you realise life isn’t what you thought it would be… 

Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas is available to download now from the following outlets:-

And remember, it's never too late to change your life...