Monday, 8 October 2012

X Factor Monday - a fix or a farce?

Both, in my opinion.  I'm still fuming over last night's X Factor results.  Fuming!  In fact, I was so bloody angry last night that I was on the double vodkas before Dragons' Den had finished!
I was originally fuming with just Louis Walsh, because the fact he had to even think about who to send home out of Rylan Clark and Carolynne Poole was a bloody joke.  Was he not listening?  Rylan was so bad he was making me ears bleed!  Carolynne sung him off the frigging stage!  It was a no-brainer; a forgone conclusion.  No contest.  But, hang on.  We're not dealing with a fair and properly-run show here, are we?  Far from it.  Last night, X Factor UK proved itself to be nothing more than one big, ridiculous farce.  End of story.  No way on this earth should Carolynne Poole have been voted off over Rylan Clark.  And before anyone starts shouting, yes, but Carolynne came bottom in the public vote, it should never have gone to the public vote in the first place!  Now, it was obvious that Nicole Scherzinger was going to vote to send Carolynne home because Rylan is in her group, but it hasn't done her credibility any good by pretending he had an ounce of talent during that sing-off last night.  However, all three of those other judges should have voted Rylan off without even a second's thought.  Which Gary and Tulisa did, but then we get to Louis.  Louis frigging Walsh.

Louis Walsh - was deadlock really his decision?
Now, apparently, before the judges vote took place to send either Carolynne or Rylan home last night, it's been alleged that a member of staff was seen coming over to speak to Louis.  Saying what?  Because I've got a good idea meself.  This is just my theory, okay?   Because I'm cynical, but I said to my hubby as soon as I saw that Rylan was in the bottom two that I had a feeling the producers would not want their "entertainment" act (Rylan) to go home so soon.  They like to keep these bloody "novelty" acts in as long as they can, so, in my opinion, they knew that the public vote would save him and send Carolynne home.  Therefore, get to Louis, tell him to pretend this is such a hard decision (which it wasn't, Jesus...), fanny on for about half an hour pretending to be torn and then take it to deadlock, thus saving Rylan.  Now, I'm not saying this is what happened, but I think it's a strong possibility that something along those lines took place.  Except that Louis didn't quite get it.  And what the frig was Dermot playing at?  Because, for one brief second, sanity prevailed and Louis said he wanted to save Carolynne and send Rylan home, but frigging Dermot kept pushing him to clarify his decision (probably because he's thinking, hang on, wasn't Louis supposed to take this to deadlock??), which is when, in my opinion, Louis realised that he hadn't done what he was told, changed his mind and decided to take it to the public vote.  Wrong decision.

Carolynne Poole - did not deserve to leave X Factor so soon
But, do you know what really annoyed me about this whole X Factor weekend?  It's the fact there are actually people on that show who can sing.  I adored Melanie Masson, Jahmene Douglas was really good, Kye Sones won me over (finally!) with a cracking rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror', and Ella Henderson's version of Take That's 'Rule the World' was amazing!  You know, there was some promise there.  I didn't moan half as much as I usually do during X Factor, and I actually quite enjoyed most of it.  Until last night.  Last night just proved what a pointless waste of time this programme is.  Is it a singing competition?  Because, if Louis had just voted sensibly last night then it was in danger of becoming just that.  For once.  Do they really want to find the next global singing superstar?  Really?  And they think Rylan has a shot at that, do they?  Honestly?  Rubbish!  They're looking for ratings, pure and simple, and what angers me most is that last night's show has now got everybody talking, and that's exactly what they wanted.  It's just an absolute shame that a decent singer had to be sacrificed in order for them to get what they wanted.  Shocking, but I really shouldn't be surprised.  Shame on me for being so bloody naiive.

Right, that's enough of that.  Me blood pressure's had enough for now.  On to 'Strictly Come Dancing'.  Loved it!  Although, I thought the judges were in a bit of a funny mood during Friday night's show, and they were shockingly tight with the scoring too.  Unfairly so for a couple of the contestants, I thought.  Oh, and Darcey Bussell was getting right on my wick with her habit of sticking "yah" on the end of every sentence.  She didn't do it quite as much during Saturday's show, which was good, and I was also glad to see the judges in a better mood too.  Some surprises were thrown up during this opening weekend of 'Strictly...' though.  I mean, who'd've thought that, by the end of Saturday night, we'd have Lisa Riley topping the leader-board, and an Olympic gold medalist propping it up at the bottom?  But Lisa Riley was a revelation!  She could dance, she was fun to watch, and I loved her!  Victoria Pendleton, on the other hand, may be a great cyclist, but she ain't all that on the dance floor.

Lisa Riley and partner Robin Windsor - topping the Strictly leader board after week 1!

On the whole, the 'Strictly Come Dancing' opening weekend didn't disappoint.  But I really wish - just once - that they'd give poor Anton du Beke somebody who can actually dance!  Just once...


  1. Watched bits and pieces of X Factor over the weekend - couldn't face the whole four hours or whatever it was. I had a discussion with a friend over Boot Camp when I recognised Rylan from another reality show final I happened to stumble across when channel hopping this year. Yes, Rylan who wants to be the next singing sensation, was in the final of Katie Price's search for a model! So he isn't just looking for fame on any show then? What's next? Big Brother? Come Dine With Me?
    Having entered The X Factor myself I know ALL about how it works. The audition process when I auditioned was:-
    1. Audition in front of one of their team (a nobody with a clipboard) - if you're successful (either really good or really rubbish) you get a Golden Ticket!
    2. At Golden Ticket stage you register all your details and sign a contract!
    3. The next day you go back and they film all the 'holding room' interviews, dancing, mucking about bits - I got the feeling those being interviewed were known by the show already!
    4. Audition again in front of another minion. This time I got a no.
    5. If you got a yes, you stayed until the afternoon where you did a filmed audition in front of someone from the record company and then you go home without an answer. Once the footage has been reviewed you will then get a phone call telling you yes or no.
    They don't see thousands of people they probably see a couple of hundred, if that.
    It's lost all its appeal!

    Mandy x

  2. That's really interesting, Mandy. It kind of confirms a few things I'd heard before about how this show actually works, and it really is becoming less and less appealing with every series.

    I think people are finally starting to wise up to what really goes on, and I know I, for one, am starting to become more bored with it because of this.

    Thanks for your comment. :) Really, really interesting... x