Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand and Bradley Cooper's eyes! This writer's list of Tuesday's distractions...

I've managed to write almost 2,000 words in around a couple of hours today, and whilst that's not bad, I've done better.  And I should be doing better today, I should be getting my head down and concentrating because I've given myself a March deadline to get this new book of mine finished, edited, re-written, edited again, then doubtless edited once more, just to be on the safe side, before I put it up there on Amazon!  That deadline may sneak into April, but no later.  No way.  I'm going to be self-disciplined and get this book out by that March (April) deadline, if it kills me!

So, in that case, why am I sitting here this afternoon dancing in my chair to The Bee Gees (I know that when they started singing 'You Should Be Dancing' that it wasn't an order, but that song is a classic!), looking up Barbara Streisand songs on YouTube, and trying to find as many pictures as I can of Bradley Cooper from Sunday night's Golden Globes?

Bradley Cooper at The Golden Globes - one full-on distraction research project!

Because I'm far too easily distracted, that's why.  All it took was for that Donna Summer disco anthem 'I Feel Love' to come on the radio and that was me reminded of how fabulous disco was, and before I could say "leg warmers" I was fannying about on YouTube looking for extended remixes and long-forgotten classics.  And before anyone says Barbara Streisand never did disco, she did.  Remember that duet with Donna Summer?  'Enough is Enough'?  That was a great disco track!

Anyway, so, I've been sidestepped from my writing by music, where does Bradley Cooper come into all this?

Well, the answer to that is easy - I'm using the ever-gorgeous Mr Cooper as "research" for the character of Dominic MacDonald in Illusions of Love, (the follow up to No Matter What), the book I should be writing this afternoon, rather than faffing about finding disco classics to dance at my desk to.  So, you see, that isn't really a distraction at all, to be honest.  Is it?  No, that can actually be classed as work!  There.  Now I don't feel half as guilty as I did before! ;-)

Bradley Cooper in 'Limitless'
And on the subject of Bradley Cooper at The Golden Globes, (see how I can seamlessly pull any subject round to Bradley Cooper? It's a talent!), what was with the moustache and beard?  Of course, I'm assuming he's looking like that for a movie he's filming but, to be honest, the more I look at that picture of him (and I've studied it quite hard, believe me - I like to take my "research" seriously!), the more I find that look incredibly sexy!  And those eyes!  Those eyes of his are to blame for more distractions than I care to mention.  They are just stunning!  Anyone seen the movie 'Limitless'?  His eyes in that movie are just incredible!  I've never seen eyes so blue in my entire life!  So, either he's got the most beautiful eyes, or he's constantly wearing coloured contacts.  I'd like to think it's the former. 

But you see, I'm saying this afternoon has been an afternoon of distractions but really, it's just the way I work.  I sit down to write, I get a shed load of stuff done, I have a faff about, listen to a bit of music, grab a bit of inspiration from that, look up pictures of rather gorgeous actors - get even more inspiration from that (just wait until you meet Dominic MacDonald in 'Illusions of Love'!  He is fabulous!), and then once I've worked through those distractions, and they're out of my system, I get right back to work.  That's how it's always worked for me, and that's probably how it will always work, as far as my writing is concerned. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere - a song I've just listened to, a picture I've just looked at, a movie I've just watched... especially if that movie happens to be starring Bradley Cooper...

Now, time for a bit more music I think... ooh, what was that song Barbara Streisand did with Barry Gibb?  What was it called again...?  'Guilty'! Yeah, and that's something I really should be feeling this afternoon... ;-)


  1. Bradley Cooper is a very worthy distraction!

    And I am now going to be going to You Tube and checking out some disco music. I dig my 70's tunes. And "Enough is Enough" is a great disco track, I'm now humming it. :)

  2. Oh my - if gorgeous pictures to share with us are the result, then keep on getting distracted - ahem, sorry I mean doing your research. You are so right - it's the eyes... mmmmm!! :)

  3. Oh, don't encourage me to do more "research" Sharon... actually, I don't need all that much encouraging... ;)

    And the lovely Mr Cooper HAS got the most GORGEOUS eyes, hasn't he... ? So glad you girls agree with me...

    Watch this space (blog) for more "research" material VERY soon... ;) xx