Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wimbledon, writing and receiving reviews - all things that make me smile!

Started the day pulling up dead weeds from the back of the garden whilst listening to Andy Gibb ('I Just Want To Be Your Everything' was a classic, don't mock!), watering my wilting pots and then sticking the bread machine on so we have some fresh bread for dinner tonight.  See, I don't just sit here all day tapping away at a keyboard, I can have a whole day's housework done and dusted (literally!) before Jeremy Kyle's finished, giving me plenty of time to concentrate on my writing for the rest of the day.  It's what I do!!  Although, I'm not actually intending to be tapping away at this keyboard for too long today anyway because there's a rumour going round that Andy Murray's playing some hot Spanish bloke in his Wimbledon Quarter Final match this afternoon and I've never been one to say no to a nice piece of eye candy - especially if he's Spanish!  I'm sorry, but any British solidarity I might have had left for Andy Murray (which was very little, I have to admit. Just can't take to the guy) disappeared a long time ago.  No, I'm afraid I'm rooting for Rafael Nadal or Novac Djokovic because I enjoy watching them play, plain and simple.  I've never really been one to get the Union Jack flag out just because we have a British tennis player making an appearence.  My favourites have always been foreigners - take Boris Becker, Pat Cash, Michael Stich, Jimmy Connors, to name but a few.  All of them have played outstanding tennis in their time and I've loved watching them all.  Can't say I remember a time when I last loved watching a British tennis player.  Oh, hang on, yes I can.  Virginia Wade winning the women's single title in 1977, I quite enjoyed that, but only because we were dragged out of our primary school maths class and herded into the assembly hall with the school's only colour telly because all the teachers wanted to watch the tennis!  Yep, back in the days when the women's final was played on a Friday.  Showing me age now.

Feliciano Lopez & Andy Murray.  Which one do you fancy
Anyway, an afternoon of watching attractive Spanish tennis players doesn't mean to say that I'm wasting valuable writing time, oh no.  I can always put it down as a research exercise.  I write romance, remember?  I need to get inspiration from somewhere.  It's not exactly teeming with George Clooney look-a-likes where I live.  But, bringing me nicely onto the subject of my books again,  I've got reviews now!!  For both books!  I'm not boasting or anything - I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'm not one to blow me own trumpet, although I'm fast learning it's necessary sometimes - but it really is quite nice. I mean, it's not nice when people tell you it's rubbish or that they've read better when it's been wrapped round a large cod and chips, (now I'm really showing me age! And no, nobody's ever said that about my writing - yet!), but when people actually take the time and the trouble to pop a few words on the books' Amazon pages to tell me how much they've enjoyed them, well, that's nice.  It makes me smile, and makes me realise that maybe I might actually be doing something right after all.  Infact, because I haven't actually mentioned my books here for a few days now, read the reviews for both of my eBooks here:-  and  If I'm getting reviews I might as well make them public, because they're very good reviews.  Five star reviews even, and that's good in the world of the new independent author because reviews are everything.  If people just having a quick browse around happen across your books and see that other people are enjoying them then it just might encourage them to spend a couple of quid and try them out for themselves.  I hope so anyway, because it makes everything worthwhile when you read somebody's kind words about your work.  And it's not an ego boost, it's just gives me - as a writer - a feeling that I can do this, that I can write stuff that people want to read, and it encourages me to keep going, to continue on this journey.  I just hope that I continue to receive more lovely reviews and that people continue to enjoy my stories.  Because that really does make it all worthwhile.
Ok, time to go check the bread, feed the dog, and get ready for an afternoon of tennis.  Wonder if the lovely seƱor Lopez looks even better in High Definition...

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