Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New book, new project, new wave of excitement!

Had a long think last night as I lay in bed, wishing I hadn't had quite such a large measure of vodka.  We bought some new glasses from Tesco over the weekend you see, because I have a terrible habit (I seem to have a lot of those actually, come to think of it) of breaking the ones we already have (my husband says it's the Greek part of me coming out) and although these new glasses are very nice, they're a lot bigger than the old ones  - think Brian Potter's vase in 'Phoenix Nights' and you've just about got them.  I'll be altering the measures accordingly next time I fancy a little nightcap.
Anyway, like I said, I was thinking last night and decided that, as much as I love writing about the characters I've already created in books already out there (I'll be sparing you the plugs today - you know where to find the links to Amazon should anyone want to purchase my eBooks, and please feel free to do so.  I'd be very grateful!!), it's time to take a step back from them for a while and create some new ones.  So that's what I've been doing this morning.  I've been making notes, building new character ideas, playing with story outlines, and it's been fun.  Creating new characters is always fun, I find it quite exciting to turn these people from words on a page into something "real" (you know what I mean) with personalities and habits and little quirks that will, hopefully, make them interesting enough for people to care about them and want to read about them.  Still trying to decide in what style I'll be writing this new book, but it is definitely going to be a comedy, set in my native North East of England. 
I always like this part of the writing process, even though in the beginning it used to frustrate me because I just wanted to get straight on with the writing and get into the book as quickly as I could.  But you learn, as time goes on, that you can do that, but your life as a writer is made a little easier if you have your characters almost sorted and your story outlined, even briefly.  Ofcourse things will change as you start writing - they always do.  As characters develop and the story moves forward things are always going to change, that's inevitable.  These characters I'm creating are new even to me, and I need to get to know them and grow with them and let them turn into the people they're going to become and that can only happen during the writing process.  Which is what I love about doing this, it's what I love about writing.  I start out with a blank page and a handful of ideas and before I know it I've got a whole new set of characters and a story I'm totally involved in!  To start with nothing and end up with a completed book is a real achievement to me; an even bigger one if I know that people are enjoying reading my stories and buying my books because they like them. 
So it's a bit of a short post today because, now I've started on this new book, I really want to see how much of it I can get planned and structured today.  If I can end the day with a clear idea of where it's going and I'm happy with it all, then I can settle down infront of 'Holby City' tonight feeling like I've actually done something useful today, and that I'm moving forward.  It's been a while since I started anything new - I've been so busy preparing my existing completed novels for eBook publication - and I really can't wait to get stuck in, get involved with these yet-to-be-fully-expanded characters.  But I'm excited to see where they - and the story - take me.  I'm ready for that exciting journey, and it starts right here...

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