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Are You With Me (Book #2 in the Superstar DJ Series) - Meet the Characters

5 Stories.
One Festival...

Are You With Me - Book #2 in the Superstar DJ Series - is a festival-set story based very heavily on my own experiences at my first ever festival: Tomorrowland in Belgium. (And you can read all about those HERE).

Focusing on five main characters in particular - Arne, Markus, Sonny, Heid and Johan - all from different parts of the world, it tells their very different stories over the course of a weekend at a huge fictional electronic dance music festival called Ethergy.

The book is due for release in October, but for now, come and meet the characters, and find out a little bit more about the stories Are You With Me will be telling...

Markus is a twenty-seven-year-old bar manager, from Reykjavik in Iceland. It's his 5th time at Ethergy, the one weekend of the year that he really looks forward to. But this year, he's at a bit of a crossroads in his life. He's realised he's just been coasting with no real direction, and now he knows he has to make some decisions, and fast, about what he wants to do when he gets back home.

He strikes up a tentative (on her part) friendship with Sonny after she pitches her tent next to his at the festival campsite, and even though he wants to get to know her more, she keeps pushing him away at every turn. But Markus knows there's a connection there. He just has to make her see that, too...

Sonny is twenty-six, from the UK, and it's her first time at Ethergy. At any festival, actually, even though she's wanted to go there for years. It was just that, he wouldn't let her. He wouldn't let go anywhere, do anything, without him. But things are different now. Things are very different...

She's travelled alone, a big step for her, something she never thought she'd be able to do. But then, she was led to believe she'd never be able to do anything, but she knows better now. She knows she can do anything, and this weekend, it's the beginning of the rest of her life. She's free now, from all the pain, all the crap he put her through, he can't hurt her anymore. 

Being at Ethergy, it's her chance to break free, and when she first meets Markus at the campsite, she feels instantly comfortable in his company, but it isn't long before she's pushing him away, every time he tries to be friendly she wonders why he wants to get close to her. Why would anyone want to be close to her? But Markus does. Can he be the one to break down her barriers and make her see that all men - they're not like him. They're not all-controlling monsters...

Arne Vos is a Dutch Trance DJ and producer, who's played every year at Ethergy since it began. And this year, he's celebrating twenty-five years in the music business by playing an 8-hour sunset to sunrise set at the festival on Saturday night. He should be having the time of his life, but what the outside world doesn't know - doesn't see - is that he's struggling with a lot of self-doubt, and wondering what's next for him in both his career and his personal life...

Elia Ida is a Dutch-Belgian Techno/House DJ, the (much younger) girlfriend of Arne Vos, and a rising star in the world of electronic dance music.

Despite a lot of people claiming she's only with Arne because of who he is and what he can do for her, she knows the truth. She doesn't need Arne, and he knows that. It's him who needs her, in reality, and that's something Arne has trouble dealing with. That, and a past relationship Elia had with fellow DJ Magma. It got in the way, for a while, and it almost destroyed them all, and with Magma also playing Ethergy, and Elia claiming they're always going to be friends, can Arne really accept that?

Johan is a twenty-eight-year-old computer programmer from Germany. He and his girlfriend Heidi met at Ethergy five years ago, and they've been coming back as a couple ever since. It's a very special place for them. But this year, Johan has something extra special planned. He wants this year's festival to be the best ever, for the both of them, they've got a lot to celebrate. Heidi has a new job, he's just been promoted at work, and they're about to start looking for a place together when they get back to Frankfurt. He's got everything mapped out in his head, the perfect moment, and Heidi's going to love it. Isn't she...?

Heidi is twenty-seven, and also from Germany. She's been offered her dream job, working for a world-famous fashion magazine, but it comes with a price. Something she keeps secret from Johan, for as long as she can, because she needs to make a decision. She needs to make a choice. She needs to work out what it is she really wants, before she tells Johan what's happening. 

Heidi's ambitious. Driven. Focused. Johan just wants to settle down. Start a family. All things she wanted, too, until that job offer arrived, out of the blue, and changed everything...

Winter is very much a secondary character in the book, but she's also a very important one, for Sonny. 

A thirty-year-old vlogger and Instagram addict from Michigan, USA, she's the complete opposite to Sonny - wild, outgoing and super-confident. All things Sonny would love to be - all things Sonny once was. Can Winter help her regain her confidence? Her love for life? Her trust in people?

Kristos Garcia is another secondary character in the book, but it's where we're introduced to this charismatic and charming French DJ and Producer, and close friend of Arne's.

The character of Magnus Jennsen (a.k.a. Magma) is a Swedish House DJ. An unpredictable, somewhat edgy character, he's had his fair share of demons to face up to. He has a challenging relationship with a few of his fellow DJs, and sometimes clashes with them for various reasons. Has a reputation as a bit of a 'playboy'. 
A secondary character in Are You With Me, Magnus will have his own story in book #3 of the Superstar DJ series.

                       **All images courtesy of Unsplash**

Told over the course of four days - the length of the festival - Are You With Me is a story about finding yourself all over again, while losing yourself in the music...

Out October 2019.

Before Today - Book #1 in the Superstar DJ Series, and a completely standalone story, as all the books in the series will be - is available to download right now, or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
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Anyway, that's all for now. But watch this space for more news coming soon, including a cover reveal! 

Michelle x

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