Thursday, 8 March 2018

🌟It's another PUBLICATION DAY!🌟 The Wife - The complete eBook and Paperback release day!

I know Till Death Do Us Part (The Wife Part Four) was only released last week, but here we are again, with another publication day for The Wife Series, but this time it's the release of The Wife as a complete, standalone novel! If you've been waiting to read Ellie's story all in one go, rather than the four separate parts it was initially released as, then the wait is over!

You can now download the complete eBook, or order the paperback version from today! 

(**Available in paperback in Canada from April 24th, and in paperback in Australia from July 23rd.**)

'The Wife' - the complete story. Available to download or order in paperback now!

The perfect life.
The perfect wife...?

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