Wednesday, 18 October 2017

⭐Cover Reveal!⭐ My soon-to-be-released dark, highly-emotional drama 'Tainted Love'

It's been a few months since I self-published a new book, but I'm about to do just that very soon in the shape of 'Tainted Love' - a dark and emotional drama. A romance-of-sorts. A story of devastating betrayal. Long-kept secrets. Fractured friendships. And lies...

Want to check out the cover? Here it is...

The book itself will be available to pre-order within the next few days, so watch this space for those details. I'll post them here as soon as a release date has been set.

In the meantime, check out the blurb, which is still subject to change... believe me, writing the synopsis is harder than writing the book! 

Joss Coburn has a good life. A good job. A rock-solid marriage to a man she adores; friends she loves like family...
Alex Olsson – a man who’s been in her life since the day she was born. Her brother in all but blood.
Summer Sanderson – Joss's best friend for over twenty years. A woman she loves like a sister.
They’re family.
Joss loves her life. She has it all.
Doesn’t she…?

Sam Coburn loves his wife. He couldn’t live without her, can’t even begin to think of a life without Joss in it. So, nothing is going to threaten that life, is it? Nothing…

Connor Sloane needs a new start. He needs to put the past behind him and start again, but not just for his sake. There's a lot at stake for Connor now. Too much to risk. He needs to be careful. Doesn't he...?

Devastating betrayal.
None of that is going to threaten the lives of this group of friends.
They love each other.
Trust each other.
Don’t they…? 

And if you want to read a little taster of 'Tainted Love', you can check that out by clicking HERE.

You can also check out the 'Tainted Love' Playlist right HERE over on Spotify.

'Tainted Love' - coming late 2017...

Michelle x

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