Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Book reviews, and why we authors value them so much.

This is the part of being an author that I have never liked, because I hate begging, but when it comes to book reviews, sometimes it's necessary. 

As an author, especially when it comes to Amazon, reviews really do matter. The more Amazon reviews a book has, the more Amazon will push that book, that's a fact. But, more importantly, reviews give authors/publishers much needed feedback. So when we authors keep banging on about how important reviews are to us, we're not doing that because we think it's what people want to hear, it's true. Reviews are extremely important, which is why I'm on a begging mission right now, asking for reviews of my latest release (writing as M L Roberts) To Have and to Hold (The Wife - Part One).

It's quite frustrating for me, because I have a lot of people who read my books, but not all of them leave reviews, and I really don't like asking people to do that because it can feel like I'm harassing them at times, but this latest release has been published through Harper Impulse, it isn't one of my self-published books, therefore there's more pressure on me as an author to ask readers to leave reviews, which isn't always an easy job. I don't want to pressure people, but just a couple of short sentences, even a few words, that's all that needs to be left on Amazon these days. It can take seconds, and really take the pressure off authors. I've been asked by my editor to try and round up some fresh reviews for To Have and to Hold, so it really is important for me to find some lovely, kind readers who are willing to help with this; family and friends, too, but this is where I, personally, hit a stumbling block. Most of my friends don't have Kindles/eReaders, or they want to wait until the complete eBook/paperback version of the book is released next March. So they aren't even reading To Have and to Hold. And as for family... that's complicated. Needless to say, their support is not forthcoming. Which means I rely on readers/reviewers/bloggers even more. I really do need all of your help. Plus, and this isn't an exaggeration, if my publishers feel that I can't drum up enough response to my books, well, that doesn't look good for my future with them. Or with any publisher/agent. We authors need people behind us, we really can't do it alone. 

The book itself is very short, the first part of a four-part series, it's only around 80 -100 pages long. And right now it's FREE to download from Amazon UK and US, so it isn't going to cost a thing to read and review it. And when I say I'd be grateful for any reviews - no matter how short - I really do mean that. You'd be throwing me a massive lifeline, meaning I'm not being asked constantly to drum up reviews which means, in turn, I'm not constantly begging for them on social media. 

So, go on. Help an author out here. 🙂 If you've already read The Wife - Part One, and you've left a review on Amazon, thank you. ❤️ You're a star. If you've read it, and you can spare a few minutes to nip over to Amazon and leave a review, you're also a star. ❤️ And if you haven't yet read it, but you're going to, when you're done (and preferably if you've liked it!!), could I please beg ask you to think about leaving just a teeny, tiny review on Amazon? Please? You have no idea how grateful I'd be. Thank you, so much! 🙏

And don't forget, To Have and to Hold (The Wife - Part One) is currently FREE to download from Amazon UK and US!

Once again, thanks for the reviews that have already been left, and thank you in advance for those to come. Fingers crossed!! 😉

Michelle x

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