Tuesday, 4 April 2017

'Protection' (Death Knights MC Book #1) - Release date and pre-order details.

I now have a release date for Protection, the first book in a brand new MC Romance series. All books will be standalone stories, but they'll all revolve the Death Knights Motorcycle Club, its members, and the people who become involved with this outlaw MC...



I ran from a man who wanted me dead, and I found a man who wanted nothing more than to protect me. My soldier. He promised to keep me safe, and he did that. He kept his promise. Because the danger I find myself in now, I caused that. I put myself there, it's all my own doing. And he can't save me from that...


She came to me by chance, wanted my club to protect her, and I had no problem with that. As soon as I saw her I wanted her, but I knew she was damaged. She had secrets, things she didn’t want to tell me, and that was fine. ‘Cause I knew who she really was. I knew why she was running; what she was running from, I make it my job to know these things. And protecting her, that became my mission, even though it could bring all kinds of trouble to my door. I just had no idea that what I really should’ve been protecting her from; protecting US from – it was a lot closer to home… 


I have one loyalty now. The Death Knights. The club. My brothers, they saved me. I was damaged goods, I was messed-up, I still am, but that’s OK. It’s what I need. Messed-up means no-one gets too close, it’s not safe, I’m not going back there. No woman is ever gonna bring me down that low again, that’s a goddamn promise I made to myself, and I ain’t breaking it…

Protection will be released May 18th, and it's available to pre-order right now from Amazon.

Watch this space for more details as release day grows closer, and also keep an eye out here on my blog for some news regarding a secret project I'm working on that's due for release later in the year, and it's one I'm quite excited about... Have a great day, whatever you're up to!

Michelle x

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