Thursday, 27 April 2017

Not the "usual" MC vibe...? I write MC Romance, or do I...?

As a writer, it's very easy to let negative reviews and comments get to you. We've all experienced them, sometimes we even learn from them. But other times you read one that just makes it necessary to dust off the old blog and write a post.

Not the "usual" MC vibe...?
I had one such comment the other week, in a 2 star review for 'Revolution', the first ever MC Romance I wrote back in 2014. This review was titled "Not the usual MC vibe", and that's what got me thinking. I'm not bothered that this person didn't enjoy the book, I've come to realise that my writing can be quite divisive at times, but in that lies the problem with some readers, I'm guessing.

I didn't start out writing MC Romances. In the beginning I was very much a chick-lit/run-of-the-mill romance writer, as my earlier books illustrate. But I like to challenge myself, try new genres, and when the urge to write more darker romance hit, that's when I wandered into MC Romance territory, without actually realising what a minefield it can be! But, what exactly is this MC vibe the aforementioned reviewer mentioned? Is there one? Does there have to be? I'm not sure, I mean, how many readers out there have actually spent any time within the confines of a real-life motorcycle club? Let alone one that claims to contain one percenters, as most of my fictional clubs do. I know I haven't. I'm holding my hands up here and admitting that my research involves watching 'Gangland Undercover', with the rest coming from my extremely vivid, sometimes slightly twisted imagination. I haven't got a clue what it's like inside a real MC. So how would anyone know what the "usual" MC vibe was? That's all down to the author. Every MC is different, I'm almost sure of that. So why should every MC romance book be the same? If you like a certain style of MC book then that's fine, as a reader you stick with that because it's what you enjoy, but as a writer I refuse to copy or try to emulate other books out there, no matter what genre they are, just because a majority of people seem to find them popular. I can't do that. I have my own style, and I'm comfortable with that. It's what I write, and it definitely isn't to everyone's tastes but I didn't start writing to follow the herd or sell myself out just to try and sell more books. I write because it's what I love to do, and if people love reading my stories, then that's a bonus I am more than grateful for.

So, I'm not really concerned that my MC books don't fit the "usual" MC vibe; that some people love them and others don't like them at all, I'm fine with that. I write a very different kind of MC romance; tough, dark, twisted, and not always with a happy ending, so, be warned. If you know what this "usual" MC vibe is, and those are the books you enjoy, then you may well hate mine. But, if you're willing to try a different kind of ride, you might want to take a look at these...

And on May 18th a brand new ride begins with the release of 'Protection', the first book in the Death Knights MC series. You can check out the first few pages, for free, right HERE, and see whether it's your kind of thing, or not... and if it is, then click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy... 😉

My usual is unusual... are you ready for that kind of ride...? 

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