Tuesday, 28 February 2017

NEW RELEASE! 'Willfully Hers' - The Dirty Business Series Book #2

Following hot on the heels of 'Lawfully His', today sees the release of the second book in the Dirty Business Series - 'Willfully Hers'. Continuing the stories of hotshot New York lawyer Evan King and legal secretary Lola Burrows, this book brings new secrets, new characters, and deep hidden truths, all of which merge together to shake both Evan and Lola's worlds to their very core. All's fair in love and business, but just who's playing dirty this time...?

Book Blurb

**Please be aware that this description contains mild spoilers for ‘Lawfully His’, the first book in the series **

Lola Burrows.
Legal secretary.
Lawyer’s wife.
It’s not easy loving a man you barely know. A man like Evan King. But Lola knows she made the right decision, to leave the familiar behind; to take that risk. To marry that man. She made the right decision...

Evan King.
Kick-ass lawyer.
Married man. Yeah. He never thought that would happen, either; that one woman would manage to hold him down, but Lola was different. He had to fight for her, she didn’t make it easy, to love her.
But he won, in the end.
He got his girl.

But when secrets they’ve both been keeping threaten to blow Evan and Lola’s seemingly perfect life apart, is he going to be able to keep her? Does he want to? And how far is he willing to go this time to win…?

*** ‘Willfully Hers’ contains some strong language and sex scenes, and is therefore suitable only for readers 18+ ***

This book ties up both Evan and Lola's stories, and does have a HEA.

You can check also 
out chapter one HERE, and try before you buy...

'Willfully Hers' is available to download now from Amazon. Read for *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited! Paperback coming soon.

Book #1 in The Dirty Business Series - 'Lawfully His' - is also available to download or own in paperback. Also *FREE* to read with Kindle Unlimited!

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