Wednesday, 21 December 2016

'Lawfully His' Teaser Time... Who is Evan King...?

Hot-Shot New York Lawyer.
An enigma.
Emotionally cold but hot-as-hell.
Whatever he wants, he usually gets. And that includes women.
He just doesn't want them for too long...

"I’ve never believed in fate. Horoscopes, fairytales, happy ever afters, they’re all a pile of crap. I don’t have time for that shit, I’m a practical man. Being the best goddamn lawyer in New York is all I care about. I don’t have time for anything else. Relationships, commitment, none of that fits into my life. Women want me, yeah, of course they do. And I play on that, I give them the full-on charm, tell them everything they want to hear, but they also know what they’re getting. One night. Two if they’re extremely lucky. Not one of them ever gets to stay over, no woman has ever slept in my bed. I fuck them, they leave. Nine out of ten times I never see them again, and I like it that way."

'Lawfully His' - coming January 5th, 2017.

You can check out Chapter One HERE.

Want to listen to the music that inspired the Dirty Business Novels? Find the Playlist behind the books over on Spotify.

The Dirty Business Novels Spotify Playlist

You can pre-order a copy of 'Lawfully His' right now over on Amazon.

It's also available in paperback to buy right now!

Book 2 in the Dirty Business Series - 'Willfully Hers' - will be released late February/early March 2017.

Get ready to meet your new boss...

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