Friday, 25 November 2016

Are you ready to meet Evan King...?

Christmas might be coming pretty soon, but so is another new release of mine. I've no sooner got the third of the Soldiers of Darkness books out there than another, brand new book of mine is on the way. Due for release on January 5th, 'Lawfully His' is the first of the Dirty Business Novels, featuring the Harvey Specter-inspired character Evan King, a handsome, hot shot New York lawyer with a smart mouth and a sexy arrogance. You ready to meet him yet...?

Evan King. 
Big-time lawyer.
Emotionally cold but hot-as-hell.
Any woman he wants, he can have. He just doesn't want them for too long.
Until she walks into his world.
He wants her. But does she want him, too?
When faced with a fight, Evan King doesn't lose. 
He's never lost.
He's not about to start now...

Heavily inspired by my obsession with Gabriel Macht's character Harvey Specter in 'Suits', Evan King is a man who doesn't really do commitment. He's a bit of an enigma, a man who, maybe, lives to some extent within his own myth. Women love him. Men want to be him. One of the managing partners at Cavendish King, a revered top-tier New York law firm, he's a man in control of every aspect of his well-ordered life. Until she walks into it...

The inspiration behind the character of Evan King - Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in 'Suits'

'Lawfully His' is available to pre-order now from Amazon. 

Are you ready to meet Evan King...?

Check out Chapter One of 'Lawfully His' HERE.

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