Tuesday, 26 July 2016

NEW RELEASE! 'Betrayed' - Soldiers of Darkness #2

Released today! 'Betrayed', book #2 in the Soldiers of Darkness MC Romance series...

Sometimes, the one thing you thought you wanted more than anything turns out to be the one thing you really didn’t need... 

'Betrayed' - Soldiers of Darkness Book #2... 


A new town, a new start, a new Soldiers of Darkness chapter, and I’m back in charge. I’ve been given a second chance to prove I can do this, because I almost lost everything, after she messed with my head and turned me into someone I didn’t even recognize. I became someone I didn’t want to be, and I can’t let her do that again. 

Things are very different now. She’s very different, now. But I still want her. God help me… But I gotta play this right, ‘cause I mess up again and there ain’t gonna be no more second chances. 

I got scores to settle. And this time I don’t plan on losing… 


I never thought this would be my future – living in New Mexico, married to an outlaw biker. I never thought my life would turn the dark corner it did; that I’d become a woman capable of killing a man, but that’s what happened. I killed a man. And I had to do that, he had to die, because he tore my world apart. And it changed everything. 

But I’m happy now. That dark chapter of my life, it’s over. Things are changing, I’m changing, and I think I need to. Things couldn’t stay the same. But he’s still here. And I didn’t tell him to go, because I could have done. Maybe I should have done. I love my husband, and I’m beginning to love what my life is becoming. 

I don’t need Mack Slayer, not anymore… 


Staying in one place for too long, that never used to be me. But I don’t wanna go anywhere right now, and that’s because of her. Izzi. She’s my whole freakin’ world now, and I don’t intend to lose her. ‘Cause I know what he’s planning. I know why he stuck around, why he’s still here. But it ain’t gonna happen. 

And, yeah, OK, I got some distractions right now, but I ain’t gonna take my eye off the ball for too long. I ain’t that stupid. I got secrets, but I’m dealing with them. And Izzi – she got secrets, too. We all got secrets, it’s just that, some secrets are way more dangerous than others… 

**‘Betrayed’ contains strong language, adult themes, and very hot, sometimes very graphic sex that some readers may find uncomfortable. It is therefore suitable only for those 18+** 

**No cliffhangers. Mack, Izzi and Zeb's story is tied up here in book #2.** 

'Bound' - Soldiers of Darkness #3 - a brand new, standalone novel, will be released late summer/early fall 2016.

'Betrayed' is available to download now. Or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

And you can check out Chapter One of 'Betrayed' HERE.

'Broken' - Soldiers of Darkness Book #1 - is also available to download from Amazon, and it's now only 99p/$0.99! Or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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