Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Meet the character: Mack Slayer, Soldiers of Darkness MC President - 'Broken', Soldiers of Darkness #1

He's hot, handsome, and looks a lot like Chris 'Captain America' Evans. That's Mack Slayer, President of the Soldiers of Darkness MC in 'Broken', book #1 in my brand new MC Romance series - the Soldiers of Darkness.

My Mack Slayer - Chris Evans, my "muse" for the Soldiers of Darkness President in 'Broken'

But just who is Mack Slayer...?

"I’m the Soldiers of Darkness President. Men need to fear me. Women need to want me. That’s how my life works. That’s how it’s worked for decades now. That’s how I survive."

And that's exactly how it is, in Mack's life, until Izzi walks into it; a woman whose own life has been ripped apart. And what Mack doesn't realize is that she's about to do the same to his...

She trails her fingers down over my chest, her eyes still staring me out. 'I can do anything you want me to.’
‘You should be careful what you say, darlin’, ‘cause I got one sick and twisted mind.'

 'Broken' is available to download now on Amazon. Or you can read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Check out the first chapter of 'Broken' HERE.

And listen to the Soldiers of Darkness Playlist HERE on Spotify

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