Thursday, 3 March 2016

My new MC Romance is coming in April... want a tiny teaser...?

'Broken' - Book #1 in The Soldiers of Darkness MC Series - will be released April 2016. Watch this space for pre-order details.

Cover reveal coming soon.


Mack Slayer - President of the Soldiers of Darkness MC. Hot, handsome and dangerous, his only interest is the club and the life it's given him.

Izzi Michaels -  A woman who never wanted to be who she became. Until she was given no choice...

The second he lays eyes on her, Mack Slayer wants Izzi. But he has no idea of the secrets this stranger is keeping, or the reason why she rocked up in his bar that night, because she meant to find him. She went there, on purpose, to find him. And when Mack finds out why, he knows he should just walk away. She doesn’t belong in his world, she put herself there for a reason, and what she needs him to do, it's dangerous. It could put not only her but The Soldiers of Darkness themselves at risk, and he shouold just walk away, tell her he can't help her; he WON'T help her.

But when she threatens to go it alone, without his help, he knows he can't let her do that. He can't let her put herself in that kind of danger. He can’t ignore her, she made sure of that. But he should have walked away, because her arrival kick-starts a chain of events that even he can’t stop; events that push Izzi deeper into a world she never wanted to be a part of, until she had to be; events that push Mack into undergoing actions he would never have undertaken before she walked into his life and messed with his head. Events that unearth dangerous secrets and dark truths. Events that could change everything. Forever…


*This teaser contains strong language and sexual scenes, so, y'know, you have been warned...*

I clench my inner muscles so I’m gripping him tight, and he shouts out loud, and he pulls my head back even further as his fingers tangle in my hair. And then I feel it, feel his body stiffen and he’s coming in long, pulsating waves, his animalistic cries filling the room; he’s almost howling!

‘Jesus fucking Christ!’ he breathes as he pulls me up, and I lean back against him. ‘I ain’t done with you yet, darlin’.’
I shiver at his words, at the way he speaks them, his voice all low and gravely. I don’t want him to be done with me. Not yet. So I close my eyes and rest my head against his shoulder as he runs his hands all over my body, his lips on my neck covering it in hot, sensual kisses. It’s a quiet interlude. A brief respite. But everything I’ve learned, I’m putting it into practice now. And my teacher, he’d be so proud of me...

 Copyright © Michelle Betham 2016

'Broken' - The Soldiers of Darkness MC Book #1 - will be released April 2016.

Book #2 - 'Betrayed' - will follow Summer 2016.

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