Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Forbidden Series Book #2 - Cover Reveal!

Allure has barely had time to make itself comfortable on those virtual bookshelves before I'm knocking out the cover for book #2 in The Forbidden Series, but, I don't like to hang around, so here it is - the cover for Obsession, the second book in the trilogy.

Hoping to have the book itself up for pre-order before Christmas, with an early 2016 official release date to follow...

Following Neal and Kira's journey into a darker place for both of them, when the world starts to get in the way, how far are they prepared to go to fight for what they really want...?

Obsession - coming early 2016...

And don't forget, book #1 - Allure - is available to download right now from Amazon! FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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