Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Release Day is here for 'Allure' - Book #1 in The Forbidden Series.

Allure - Book #1 in a brand new erotic romance trilogy, The Forbidden Series.

Available to download now from Amazon!

Neal Cannon is a wealthy, enigmatic Manhattan art dealer. Highly successful and heartbreakingly handsome he’s a man who could have any woman he wants. But he doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t want commitment, of any kind. Instead, he seeks the no-strings-attached company of high-class escorts – faceless women, emotionless sex.
But the one rule Neal Cannon has given himself is that he never uses the same escort twice. And for over six years he’s played by his own self-enforced rule.

Until he books Kira Blu…

Kira has played the escort game for over ten years. She knows the world and the men who frequent it inside out. She plays the game, and she plays it well. She’s beautiful, popular, and in total control of the life she’s created for herself.

Until Neal Cannon walks into it…

Kira Blu has never stayed the night with a client.
Neal Cannon has never wanted to see the same escort twice.
But one night is all it takes, to change everything…

One night is all it takes to force both Neal and Kira to confront the things that have turned them into the people they’ve become – things they’ve refused to face up to for a long time.

There’s a reason why he became cold and closed off to any emotion.
There’s a reason why she became a woman who’s paid to fulfil men’s fantasies.

Neal Cannon and Kira Blu – two damaged people struggling to come to terms with pasts they’ve tried to forget, and a future they’re scared to think about…

Forget Christian Grey, Mr Cannon wants to play...

Allure - out now! 

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