Wednesday, 4 November 2015

'Allure' - Hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey? You bet your ass it is...

Am I jumping on a bit of a bandwagon here? Of course I am! Am I the only one? Christ, no! Let's face it, sex sells. Always has done, always will do. And anyway, as far as the Fifty Shades... bandwagon is concerned I think I'm pretty late to the party. 

So, is Allure - the first book in my brand new erotic romance trilogy, The Forbidden Series - really hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey? Or am I just spinning a line to try and gain interest? Actually, I think I'm being honest. I've read Fifty Shades..., and I do think Allure is hotter. But it isn't just the sex, although, that is BURNING! The story - the reasons why the characters of Neal Cannon and Kira Blu come together in the way that they do; the reason why their connection is so powerful, right from the start - it's a beautiful love story wrapped around everything else that's going on. To quote what one reviewer said about the book... 

"The encounter between an escort and a businessman has connotations of ‘Pretty Woman’, but this story goes deeper into the emotional turmoil Kira and Neal experience..." 

So, the story goes beyond sex, although, sex actually plays a very big part in both Neal and Kira's back storys. 

Allure is a dark love story. An unconventional one, full of emotion and heartbreak and sex so hot it burns the page! It's a powerful yet simple story of two damaged people who are struggling to come to terms with pasts they've tried to forget, and a future they're scared to face... And yes, it IS hotter than Fifty Shades... Damn right it's hotter!!

Allure is available to download now from Amazon. And it's FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!

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