Thursday, 17 September 2015

'Allure' Cover Reveal!

Yes, I've no sooner released one book than another is on the way, which will make it my fourth release this year. But this next book of mine just had to be written. It was an idea that was given to me by my husband, which some people may find a bit odd, considering the subject matter, but there you go, and after just a few minutes of thinking about it, I had a story. And I'm a strong believer that if you find a story that you just HAVE to write; when you can't get the words down on the screen fast enough, no matter what else you may be doing at the time, that story comes first. And that's what's happened with 'Allure'.

'Allure' also sees a slight departure for me in that, this time, I've headed straight into the realms of erotic romance. And I know I'm no stranger when it comes to writing sex scenes - there are plenty in almost all of my books - but in 'Allure' it's a little more full on, shall we say, but given the subject matter, it's all in context. But some of the scenes ARE quite explicit, so I'm warning you now...

Anyway, there'll be more news about the book over the coming weeks, so watch this space. In the meantime, here's the cover...

I'm hoping to have 'Allure' ready for pre-sale some time in October, with a release date of late November/early December. 

And if you want to find out a little bit more about my brand new erotic romance - the first in a series - check out the first few pages, and even see who inspired the main male character, you can do all that HERE.

'Allure' - One night can change everything...

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