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HI Fortnight continues - New review for 'Striker'...

HI Fortnight began last Monday, April 27th, but as I was out of the country on holiday I missed most of the first week. I am, however, back home in time to catch the second week, as this celebration of all things Harper Impulse, from books to bloggers to the many fabulous authors (including me!!) who write under the HI banner, continues until May 10th! 

So, for my part in HI Fortnight, the lovely book blogger Rachel Gilbey is hosting me on her blog this week with a guest post, and reviews of all 3 books in the Striker Trilogy. 

Yesterday I talked about the inspiration behind the Striker Trilogy, and you can check that post out right HERE, and today you can read Rachel's fabulous review of 'Striker', book #1 in the trilogy. And there's also the chance to win a Kindle copy of the book. Head on over HERE to Rachel's Random Reads and check out the giveaway that's running until May 11th. 

Huge thanks to Rachel for kindly hosting me this week, and for leaving this amazing review of 'Striker'...

With Striker, I believe Michelle Betham has done to the world of football, what Jilly Cooper has done to the world of horses. Striker is about so much more than just the beautiful game, it is about Ryan Fisher, a footballing superstar, with the world at his feet, giving in to the pressures that are associated with fame, and the expectations that come with being a Premiership footballer.

Ryan is a complex man, loves having women falling at his feet, but has just left his London club to move back to the North East (for a hidden reason), to sign for club he is a lifelong supporter of Newcastle Red Star. The last thing he was expecting, was to start feeling things for a singular woman, Amber.

Amber is a sports reporter for a local news TV programme, and since her father was a player and now manager, has grown up around footballers. She however has closed off her heart to love, and comes across initially as very cold hearted. Knowing footballers as well as she does, Amber refuses to get involved with any, until she interviews Ryan Fisher, and he gets under her skin.

Then there is also Jim, who is a long term friend of Amber's father Freddie, who is the new manager at Newcastle Red Star a fact that Amber wishes wasn't true. But why?

Striker features essentially a massive love triangle, where Amber can't seem to decide who she should be with. There are fabulously sexy scenes, with hot passionate encounters. Amber and Ryan's journey is far from smooth, and both are hiding big secrets. In fact there are secrets all over this book, which just adds to the intrigue.

Amber is continually drawn to, and seems tormented by this, to Jim, and it feels like it is a greater power that is controlling her, as she seems helpless to fight some of her not necessarily wise emotions.

In amongst all the relationships, there is some football, or at least training sessions, but as much as I love football, what was occurring off the pitch was generally far more interesting than on it! I'm almost speechless, about how addictive this story was, and how highly paced.

This is a fabulous example of a book you want to read while relaxing on holiday, or when you just want some pure raunchy escapism. I am so delighted that I have all three books of this trilogy, as I need to know how the story continues, as I'm sure that where this book ends, can't be the end of it.

Striker is available to download HERE.  Also available in paperback.

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