Friday, 20 March 2015

ON SALE! My cruise-themed romcom Bon Voyage is just 99p/$0.99/Euro 0,99 - for a limited time!

Back in the days when I used to write romance of the more fluffy and flirty variety (and where did those days go, huh?), I published this little cruise-themed romcom - Bon Voyage. And now, because we appear to be (allegedly) heading into summer, I thought I'd re-visit this book, and put it on sale for a limited time, just to get people in the holiday spirit. 

It's lighthearted, full of northern english humour, and a little bit of fun - not to mention based on just a few of the people I met during those cruises I've been lucky enough to take over the years. You think some of these characters are far-fetched? Believe me, they existed... believe me...

Bon Voyage - Blurb

Thirty-something Geordie girl Aimee Anderson has just been dumped by her fiancé, Robbie – on the night of their engagement party. So, in an attempt to get over both the relationship, and the rather embarrassing way in which it ended, Aimee and her best friend Jemma are escaping the North East of England and going on the holiday of a lifetime which, in their case, is a trip around the Mediterranean on a mid-budget cruise liner. And there’s only one thing Aimee’s determined to do on this holiday, and that’s forget about Robbie and have some fun.

Danny Johnson is one-fifth of 90s British boy band Bon Voyage, and they’re about to make a comeback. In the middle of the Mediterranean. On the same cruise as Aimee. And Aimee used to love Bon Voyage. Aimee used to love Danny Johnson…

Back in the day, Danny had been the band’s “bad boy”, and whilst the years haven’t damaged his looks in any way, his post-pop-star life is in a bit of a mess. About to be divorced from Newcastle party princess and Z-list celebrity wannabe, Davina Black, and harbouring a secret from the past about the real reason Bon Voyage split up, Danny just isn’t sure if being back in a boy band is what he really wants. But one thing he does want is some fun. For the next two weeks, at least.

So, when Aimee finally meets the man of her dreams – literally – could they possibly have some fun together? Or is something – or somebody – about to stand in the way of Aimee having a holiday to remember?

Bon Voyage is a light-hearted rom com; a story of boy bands, broken dreams and, of course, a little bit of romance, out on the ocean wave… 

Bon Voyage is currently just 99p/$0.99/Euro 0,99 from Amazon. But only for a limited time!

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