Tuesday, 21 October 2014

'Revolution' - Prequels and Sequels to my MC Romance

At the time of writing this post I'm doing some work on book two in The Lone Riders MC Series - Retribution. And that book is actually going to be a prequel, looking back in more detail at the eight years Lexi Hart was exiled from Paradise, the northern Californian town she's called home since the age of fourteen. Exiled from a chapter of the club she's been a part of since the day she was born; the club her grandfather Thomas Hart created. The club her father, Charlie Hart, now runs.

And why am I making Retribution a prequel? Because it is a risk, I know that only too well. Revolution has sold pretty well over the past couple of weeks since its release. And I'd like to think the next book in the series will repeat that pattern, but yes, it's a big risk to embark on a prequel for the next book. Because I'm sure most people who've read Revolution, and enjoyed it enough to look forward to Retribution, may be quite keen on finding out just where the club goes from where it left off in book one.

But I just really felt the need to write this prequel. I think there are questions that still need to be answered from that first book; questions about what happened during the time Lexi was away from Paradise and, indeed, the few months leading up to the events that saw her driven out of town in the first place. I felt the need to explore the person she was before Revolution; the reasons why she did what she did, what drove her to it, the relationships she had. 

I also wanted to introduce the Newcastle chapter of The Lone Riders - the Mother Chapter. The British chapter ran by Lexi and Kip's dad Charlie. Because that chapter is going to play a big part in future books. 

But will it work? Writing a story that the readers of Revolution already know the bare bones of? Well, that's just it, really. They know the bare bones. They know what went on, on the surface anyway. But I wanted to dig deeper. I wanted to explore further - both the club and the people who live by the rules of The Lone Riders.

So, Retribution will begin just a couple of months before the events that saw Lexi driven out of Paradise. And then it will focus on her time spent over in England with her father, and everything that happened whilst she was over there - the consequences of those actions she undertook, and the eventual reason why she had to come back to Paradise.

Am I nervous about this? Yeah. Of course I am. Not everyone will be happy with a prequel, but this felt right, to do this first before beginning work on book three in the series - Resurrection - which will jump forward again, back to present day.

Have I made the right decision to make Retribution the book it's going to be? I'd love to know what you think. All I know right now is that I've fallen in love with MC Romance. I've fallen in love with my own fictional club and the characters who inhabit it. I've fallen in love with writing these books, and I just hope people love reading them as much as I'm enjoying writing them...

Revolution - Book one in The Lone Riders MC Series - is available to download now from Amazon.

    Are you ready for the ride...?

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