Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My 'Revolution' revelation...

I'm writing this post today because I really just want to share how incredibly shocked - but happy - I've been at the response, sales wise, to my HOT new biker romance Revolution. I put it up for pre-order last week, about four days before its release date, and that had quite a positive response. A good few copies were pre-ordered, and it gave the book a small foothold in the rankings over on AmazonUK and But when it was finally released just a couple of days ago - Monday October 6th - I had no idea how quickly it would take off. As far as release days go, for any of my books, including those published through HarperImpulse, this was by far the most successful. And this was one of my self-published books. A book that had never really been planned. It just happened. The story took hold of me when I least expected it, and when that happens I just have to write it. And so The Brotherhood of Lone Riders was born, and The Lone Riders MC Series was created, with Revolution being Book #1 in that series. From general idea conception to publication this whole project has taken less than 3 months. And I still can't quite believe I did that...

I'm even more surprised by the response to the book because I had absolutely no time to organise any kind of promo. I'm so busy with so many other projects at the minute that I knew, even though I would have loved to have spent more time on promotion for this book, because I'm so proud of it, that I just couldn't spare the time. So it was always going to be a case of write this book, and get it out there. The more intense promo was always intended for when Book #2 is released next spring. But, after just a handful of Tweets, a couple of blog posts and a few things put on Facebook and Pinterest, the sales started to come in. There were no guest posts on anyone else's blog (although one is now lined up for next week after a wonderful, kind friend offered to host me), the re-tweets from people were few and far between... I guess what I'm trying to say is there was no song and dance about this release. I just put it out there, and hoped for the best. And the best was an all-time high release day ranking over on of #3,096, and just over #2,000 on AmazonUK. Which was just incredible to see. I know we're not talking US Today Bestseller rankings or anything, but for me that was a real achievement to see my self-published book up there.

At the time of writing it's slipping slightly, but still holding its own, hovering around the #4,000/#5,000 mark on both and AmazonUK. And of course sales are slowing down now, because initial release day excitement has died down. But I have no idea why this book in particular sold so well on its release day. Was it the subject content? Are MC/Biker Romances really that popular? Is Sons of Anarchy fever really taking hold? Is it the cover? It certainly isn't my name, because I'm not exactly Jackie Collins so my name is not going to sell books. I just don't know. I can only thank everybody who took a chance on my first foray into this world of gritty MC Romance, who bought the book, and helped me have the best release day ever for this, my 11th novel. I just hope you enjoy meeting and spending time with The Brotherhood of Lone Riders as much as I enjoyed creating them. Revolution isn't a pretty book. It's dark, and the language, sex and violence might not be to everybody's taste. But, boy, did I have one hell of a lot of fun writing it!

Anyway, if you want to check out the first two chapters of Revolution - Book #1 in The Lone Riders MC Series, and see if it's for you, you can do so HERE.

And Revolution is now available to download from Amazon via any of the links below.

Thank you once again to everyone who's supported me - and is still supporting me - on this wild writing ride of mine (and try saying that after a couple of double vodkas...) I'm getting there... ;-) 

You guys, you all rock! 


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