Monday, 6 October 2014

It's release day for 'Revolution' - Book #1 in The Lone Riders MC Series!

It's release day for Revolution - Book #1 in The Lone Riders MC Series, and the Brotherhood of Lone Riders is waiting to welcome you into their world of tattooed bad boys, bikes... and dangerous games... Are you ready to start the ride...?

Lexi Hart has come home, to Paradise, the small, northern Californian town she’d been forced to leave eight years ago. The Brotherhood of Lone Riders MC had seen to that – they’d driven her away; hounded her out. She’d broken their rules. They’d had no other choice.

But now Lexi is back. After spending the past eight years with her father in England, at the Lone Riders mother chapter where her father Charlie Hart has been President for over thirty years, Lexi now needs to face up to the things that had seen her driven out of Paradise all those years ago. She needs to face up to what happened while she was away; the mistakes, and the consequences. She needs to find answers to questions she can’t let go of. She needs to find her own truth because, for far too long, Lexi Hart had been living someone else’s.

Growing up within the whole Lone Riders lifestyle, she still finds it difficult, even after thirty-five years, to love the club she was born into; the club her grandfather had created. Getting her head around the way it works isn’t easy for Lexi, even after all that time. And as for the men who live within its confines, her relationship with them is even more complicated. Even more dangerous. With one man proving more dangerous than the others… and now she’s back in Paradise. Where that man is…

Can he help her uncover the truth she so desperately needs to find? Those answers she’s looking for? And when dark secrets from the past begin to be revealed, and dangerous games start being played, can the Lone Riders pull together to survive the storm that’s about to hit Paradise…?

Revolution is available to download now from Amazon!

And you can check out chapters one and two from Revolution right HERE. Let the ride begin...

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