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Fantasy Cast Friday - 'Spirited Away' by Angela Campbell

It's been a while since we've had a Fantasy Cast Friday here on my blog, but today I'm really happy to have the fabulous Angela Campbell - another fellow HarperImpulse author - join me to share her dream cast for her brand new book Spirited Away.

Read on to find out more about Angela, and check out just who she'd have in her ideal Fantasy Cast...


Angela Campbell read her first romance novel at 16 and immediately attempted to write one, too. Many attempts (and a couple of decades) later, she finally published her first novel. A mild-mannered newspaper reporter with more than 15 years experience as a general assignment reporter, features editor and graphic designer, she has also worked as a production assistant in TV and film. Learn more about her books at   



Book 3 in the brilliantly witty ‘Psychic Detective’ series from Angela Campbell – perfect for fans of the Sookie Stackhouse & Stephanie Plum books!

Who knew pet-sitting could be so dangerous…or so sexy?!

Socially awkward Emma “Spider” Fisher prefers her laptop to people, so she’s more than happy to oblige her boss when he asks her to pet- and housesit while he honeymoons in London.

But it doesn’t take long for accident-prone Spider to lose a dog, get locked out of the house, and set off the house alarm!

Thankfully, her hot new neighbour is more than happy to come to her rescue. But Noah West is a mystery to Spider—and one she intends to solve.


Fantasy Cast: Spirited Away

First of all, thanks for having me today, Michelle! I have to admit, I didn’t have anyone particular in mind when I was writing these characters, although looking back, I drew from a handful of actresses and actors to create my characters of Spider and Noah in Spirited Away. For my computer hacker heroine Spider, I think I’d have to single out Felicia Day, Karen Gillan, Ashley Rickards and Anna Kendrick. But none of them alone really embody what this quirky, sassy, awesome gal equates to in my head. But if you mix them all up, one actress actually comes to mind. Emma Stone. 

Emma Stone
So yes, I think if I had to pick one actress, it would be Emma Stone to play Spider. Because Spider is funny, sarcastic and all-at-once lovable, Emma would probably nail her.

Noah is a little tougher for me. When I first started writing him, I pictured Jamie Dornan from his “Once Upon a Time” days, then switched to Chris Evans because, OMG, he’s awesome as “Captain America,” but when I was finishing the book, I saw “Lone Survivor” and remembered how much I loved Taylor Kitsch and he just seemed to stick in my mind as Noah from that point on. 

Taylor Kitsch

So I think I would cast Taylor Kitsch as Noah because, hello, total hottie. 

Noah is dark, mysterious, and looks a little bit dangerous. Yep, I think Taylor would do him justice. What do you think?

Angela, thank you so much for a fantastic Fantasy Cast! There's just something about Taylor Kitsch... good choice!

I'm so pleased you were able to stop by today, and I wish you loads of success with Spirited Away


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