Monday, 29 September 2014

'Revolution' - My Biker Romance gets its official cover reveal!

I did actually reveal the cover for my next self-published book Revolution last Friday, but today sees its official cover reveal as I get ready to put this slightly dark, gritty biker romance (or MC Romance, to give the genre its proper description) out there. 

Are you ready to meet The Lone Riders? Then dust off your leathers, turn that music up loud, and get ready for the ride! Book One - Revolution - is due for release in just a week's time. And if you're completely in the dark about the feel of this new book of mine, because it is a little different to anything else I've written before (this is romance on a whole other level!), check out the trailer below for Sons of Anarchy... or, if you've got Netflix or BT Vision, go watch an episode - that'll give you more than an idea of just what to expect from this book...

Because it isn't just a romance, although that is what's at the heart of the story. It's also a story about the club. About the people involved with it. And as the series continues (Book 2 - Retribution - should be out sometime in early 2015) we'll get to know more about other members, their past history; the problems they face as they live their lives within the confines of The Brotherhood of Lone Riders.

I'm really excited about this new series of books. And I just hope you will be, too.

Sons of Anarchy - the show that inspired 'Revolution'

So, go watch a bit of Sons of Anarchy, get a feel for just what to expect from Revolution, and I promise you, it'll have you wanting to jump on a Harley and start your own ride of your life...

Revolution - The countdown begins...

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