Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Novel Number 11 Title Reveal and Sneaky Peek....

Inspired by Sons of Anarchy, created from the depths of my over-active imagination, this new book of mine is one that kind of crept up on me, because I really had no intention of releasing another novel this year. But, when inspiration hits, and I go off on one of my writing frenzies, well... it looks like I will be publishing my 5th book of 2014 after all! Yep. This will be my 5th release this year, after Unbreakable back in March, and the three books in the Striker Series over the summer. But this one - this new one is very different. It's my first foray into the world of MC Romance for starters, and although it might well be considered pretty tame as far as MC Romances go, it's still a very dark, tough, edgy romance. It contains quite adult themes; the sex is hard and sometimes quite graphic, because the men in this book are so far away from flowers and romance... they have their own way of showing their feelings. So this is very much a book for grown-ups. There's nothing pretty about this story at all. But I loved every single second of writing it. And the main female character of Lexi Hart, well, she's probably the closest I've ever come to creating my own alter ego! Because I've been a frustrated wannabe biker chick for most of my life, I'm making no secret about that. And as for the clean-cut, Christian Grey-type business man that a lot of women fantasise about... not for me, I'm afraid. Give me an unshaven, tattooed, rough-edged biker on a Harley with a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth any day. I find that so incredibly sexy, you have no idea... So creating this bunch of guys within my own fictional MC, well, it's been one hell of a ride! These guys - these are my idea of the ideal man!

Sons of Anarchy - the show that inspired 'Revolution'

The Brotherhood of Lone Riders is my fictional Motorcycle Club, and Revolution will be the first book in The Lone Riders series. Behind a story of truth and lies, betrayal and dangerous revenge, there's also a story of love and hope, but Lexi's life is no ordinary one. Born into and brought up within the club her grandfather created, she's been eight years away from the northern Californian chapter she was a part of for over twelve years, since moving to the US with her mum and brother at the age of fourteen. The chapter ran by her stepfather. She didn't want to leave. She was forced to. Given no other choice but to walk away and return to the north east of England, back to the Mother Chapter, of which her father is President. But just as she was given no other choice but to leave all those years ago, she now has no other choice but to return. Because what happened in the past caused consequences she, and others within the club, now have to face...

Excerpt from Revolution

Lexi sat on the edge of the low wall, pulling at the top of her knee-high biker boots, a nervous reaction she hadn’t even been aware she’d adopted. So she started chewing on a nail instead, hating the fact she felt like a frightened teenager instead of the thirty-five year old woman she was. She should have had a handle on all of this by now, but if that was the case, why had she waited until after dark to come here? Why wasn’t she doing this in broad daylight, like she’d promised herself she would? Because she wasn’t doing anything tonight, that’s why. She was here only to observe, to see what she needed to see. The rest she had yet to work out.

Staring out ahead, she watched as the lights from the garage and the neighbouring office were switched off, the compound now lit up only by strings of white bulbs hanging from the canopy outside the clubhouse and a small, contained fire she’d watched someone start that bathed the whole of the yard in a warm orange glow.

She leant forward as more bodies flooded out into the compound, voices raised and laughter loud as the music was turned up a notch and another Lone Riders party got underway. Parties she was all too familiar with. They’d been a part of her life since – since forever. She leant further forward, squinting slightly as she tried to see if there were any new faces. She couldn’t really tell from so far away. But she had a feeling that – apart from the Prospects who were bound to be new – everything would be just the same. As familiar as it had been the day she’d left just over eight years ago.

Hanging her head she clasped her hands between her knees and breathed in deeply, a wave of nerves washing over her. There was a part of her that just wanted to run, back to where she’d come from, away from this and everything it could kick up, but there was another part of her that knew she had to do this. She had to face this. She’d come back to Paradise for a reason – it was her home. It was where she belonged, even though she’d spent the first fourteen years of her life in England. But Paradise – it was her home. And she wanted that safety back. She needed some questions answered. She needed to find her own truth because, for far too long, she’d been living someone else’s.

 © Michelle Betham 2014

Choosing the music for the soundtrack to this book has also been an absolute joy for me, because I think most people who know me know I'm a huge rock fan - the heavier side of music has always been my preference, and this has been shown in the music I've been listening to whilst writing Revolution. But, even though a lot of the tracks have been hard and loud, there are a couple of songs in the track list that show off the lighter side of rock - songs that contain lyrics that actually reflect the story in this book, how the characters feel, what they want to say to each other because, like I said, hidden beneath the tough exterior of an outlaw motorcycle club, is a love story. A messed-up, complicated love story, but it's a love story nonetheless. Because the characters in this book lead very different lives to the ones we're probably used to... And one of those songs is this one - Breaking Inside by Shinedown, a beautiful, heavy, guitar-laced rock ballad with lyrics that scream out Lexi's feelings towards a member of the club, and, indeed, his feelings for her, too...

Watch this space for the Revolution cover reveal, happening very soon.

Revolution - the ride begins October 2014...


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