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A quick guide to some MC terms you might find useful before reading 'Revolution'...

Any of you out there familiar with Motorcycle Clubs? No? Thought not. I myself am not particularly familiar with them, which is a little bit odd, seeing as my next book - Revolution - is all about a Motorcycle Club. And I'm not gonna lie here. Most of my research for this book came from the internet, and many a happy evening binge-watching Sons of Anarchy. So, even though I'm sure there will be many a real-life MC out there who could, probably, pull me up on one or two things in this book, it's a work of fiction, and I've tried my level-best to get everything as right as it can be. 

However, if you're not in the least bit familiar with any aspect of Motorcycle Clubs - or MCs as I'm now going to call them - and you haven't watched even one episode of Sons of Anarchy, but you do want to read Revolution (and I hope you do), then you might find this post quite useful.

I have actually included the following glossary of terms in the front of the book, so it's always there for people to check out if they come across something they're not familiar with. But, I figured a little visual help might also be quite useful. So, as the only visual help I really have to hand is Sons of Anarchy related I thought, why not use Jax and his biker boys (although "boys" is pushing it a bit as far as some of them are concerned...) as a reference? And it gives me an excuse to post lots of nice pictures of Chibs, and Jax, and Tig, and Juice... not shallow, in the slightest...

Anyway, check this out. These are all terms I've used in Revolution, so you might just find it helps when you finally get to read the book...

Motorcycle Club Glossary of Terms


The meeting room of the MC, usually housed within the clubhouse (explained later). Check out Jax and the rest of the Sons (above) all sat around the table in their chapel... 

Chapter  A motorcycle community which has been set up in a certain place.

Church   A scheduled club meeting - held in the chapel (see above), so, when anyone in Revolution mentions church, they're not off to sing hymns and praise the Lord - God, no! They're referring to a club meeting.

Clubhouse   Members’ hang-out.

This is the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse (above), within the club compound (mentioned lower down), so you get some kind of an idea as to what I mean when I mention clubhouse in Revolution

And as a little bit of extra visual help, here's a picture of Juice, Chibs and Tig at the bar inside the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse. Couldn't find a picture with a wider image of the clubhouse interior, but it kind of gives you some idea of what the clubhouse would look like inside, because quite a bit of the story in Revolution takes place in and around the Lone Riders' clubhouse and compound.

The MC Backpatch, usually displayed on the back of the rider’s cut, just like the one pictured above.


Real estate acquired by the MC. Usually where the clubhouse and/or businesses owned by the club are based. In this GIF of Chibs and Jax, they're sitting outside the clubhouse with the compound there in the background. Are you following this...?


The vest/sleeveless jacket worn by riders, as shown here by these Sons of Anarchy - Happy, Chibs, Jax and Tig. When you say their names like that it makes them sound like a sinister version of the seven dwarves... anyway...

Crash Truck   A van or truck equipped with tools that follows the motorcycle club on runs to pick up any bikes that might break down. Can also carry club supplies, etc…

Gavel   Ceremonial hammer used by the club or chapter President. 

You can see Jax's gavel there in the picture above... and that wasn't meant to sound in any way filthy, but reading it back...

M/C   Motorcycle Club. 

Pretty self-explanatory this one, but it doesn't hurt to show those Sons again, out in their club compound...

Mama   A female that is the property of all club members, available to wash bikes, keep the clubhouse clean, and meet any other needs a club member may have.

Mother Chapter  The first established chapter of an MC. In Revolution the Mother Chapter is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, north east England, and is run by Lexi's father, Charlie. But in this first book of the Lone Riders Series the story is based around the northern Californian chapter.

Old Lady    

Definitely not a derogatory term, it means wife or steady girlfriend of a club member. She’s monogamous and has the respect of other women. There is usually one Queen; the old lady of a chapter’s President. In Sons of Anarchy the Queen was most definitely Gemma Teller (pictured). In Revolution the Queen is Lexi's mum, Angie.

Patched-in   When a new member is approved for full membership of the club.

Pillion Pad   A bike's passenger seat.

President   Elected leader of a chapter.

Prospect   Someone who wants to be a member of the club, and who rides with them for a probationary period. They may go on runs, but they’re not allowed to attend church (club meetings), and they must do anything that any full patch member requires of them. A unanimous club vote must be cast by the rest of the members for a full initiation.

Ridin’ bitch  Riding as a passenger.


Part of the MC colors. Usually designates geographical location or territory of the club.

You can just about see on the back of Tig's cut (left) that his bottom rocker says California, because that's where that particular chapter/charter of Sons of Anarchy is based. Is this making any sense...?

Run   A club sanctioned outing/road trip, sometimes involving other chapters or clubs.

Sergeant-at-Arms   Person responsible for discipline within the chapter’s jurisdiction. I suppose you could call him the club's bouncer! He usually sits to the right of the President at the table during meetings.

Sit-down   A meeting amongst other motorcycle clubs.

Vice President   Elected second-in-command of a chapter. Responsible for any decision making in the absence of the President. Usually sits on the President’s left at the table during meetings. 

The VP in Revolution is a club member called Coby Walker, based (not very heavily at all, much...) on the character of Chibs (pictured right) in Sons of Anarchy, who just happens to be their VP, although, he's also been their Sergeant-at-Arms, too, at one point. And this doesn't really need any pictorial help at all, it's just another excuse for me to post a picture of Tommy Flanagan as Chibs. Because I like Chibs. A lot...

So there you have it. A quick guide to some MC terms, all of which pop up in Revolution at some point. So, think of this as a bit of a head start on getting to know what they all mean, because Revolution - book #1 in The Lone Riders Series - is due for release in just a matter of days now. Monday October 6th, to be exact. You ready to meet my very own biker boys...?

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