Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sons of Anarchy - my new TV obsession...?

I'm in love with a new TV show! Yes, this time last year I was binge-watching The Sopranos, followed by Breaking Bad, and when both of those ended I was nothing short of distraught. I still only have to hear the Breaking Bad theme tune and I remember how utterly lost I felt after watching the final episode. I could have sat in a corner and cried, I missed Walter and Jesse so much. And whilst I'm aware that, yes, I might need some sort of therapy, I slowly got over it. Kind of. In a way. I threw myself into Justified (damn you Timothy Olyphant for looking so bloody HOT in that Stetson!), and I fell in love with that show, too. Just not to the extent that I fell in love with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. The characters in those shows became such a huge part of my life (am I sounding sad here? I haven't had a holiday in over five years so I may need to get out of the house more...) that they left this gaping hole when they disappeared from my TV screen. And because we watched both those series' in just a matter of weeks - literally binge-watching them episodes at a time - I think the loss was felt more because we'd only had them for such a short period.

And now it's happening again. Because I have a new TV love affair that's just ridden into my life - Sons of Anarchy. I'd heard about this show, heard people raving about it, how they'd become addicted to it, and because it was about a biker gang I knew I had to watch it at some point. And that point has arrived. Just a week or so ago we began season one. Now, just days later, we're almost done with season three. And I'm addicted. Really, really addicted. I mean, not just "oh, I can't miss an episode of this" addicted. No, I'm 100% "I HAVE TO WATCH EPISODES ONE AFTER THE OTHER UNTIL I REALLY DO HAVE TO GET SOME SLEEP!" addicted. In fact, the Commonwealth Games couldn't have come at a better time because now that there really is nothing on the TV in the evenings unless you're into sporting action (it isn't football, so I'm not interested), boring crap on BBC Four or Big Brother (that really should have died a death by now), it means we can do nothing but watch Sons of Anarchy until we have to force ourselves to turn off the TV and go to bed! 

Maybe it's because it's about bikers (I have a thing for tattooed men, beards, bikes and loud rock music), or maybe it's because it's just great drama, I don't know, I just know that I've fallen in love with the characters, and I know that when this upcoming final season is over, it's going to hurt almost (almost!) as much as that feeling of emptiness I felt when Breaking Bad ended. And that stung!

Opie and Tig
I have favourite characters, of course. And funnily enough, one of them isn't Jax, although Charlie Hunnam plays a great part. No, it's my man Opie who's a real favourite with that beard and the long hair, and that almost lost expression that's sometimes evident with him. Makes him seem almost vulnerable at times. I love Tig - he's weird, left-of-centre, and I like that. And I really like Katey Sagal's character, Gemma Teller. That strong, feisty matriarchal figure who's not to be messed with. And Bobby - he's almost like the dad of the gang, always there to make sure everything's okay, that everyone's doing alright. Because, when all is said and done, SAMCRO is a family. 

But, in reality, there isn't really one of them I don't like. I've welcomed these "bad boys" into my living room on a nightly basis now, and I look forward to those few hours every evening when I can sit down and join them do whatever it is they have to do to survive. And so far I'm loving every loud, tyre screeching, gun shooting second of it. Yes, it can get quite violent, but it also has that slightly lighter edge to it at times, bringing in a touch of humour now and again just to balance it out. It's everything I look for in a great TV show - characters I love, characters I care about, and stories that actually grab your attention. I am going to be so lost when this ends... so lost...

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller
But, I'm sure some of you out there will remember that when I first started watching Justified at the back end of last year, I got so hooked that it sparked off a writing frenzy, resulting in me finishing my novel Unbreakable in just six weeks - a book inspired heavily by the characters of Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. So, could my new-found Sons of Anarchy obsession mean that there's a biker gang romance on the way? Watch this space... I know one thing for sure, when I'm in my 50s (and I'm not that far off!) I want to be dressing like Gemma Teller... ;-)

Gemma Teller
Oh, and one interesting fact to share before I go and get thinking about this biker gang romance... Charlie Hunnam was actually born right here, in the UK, in my neck of the woods - Newcastle-upon-Tyne! He's actually a Geordie by birth! I totally love that fact...

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