Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New release! 'High Heels and Bicycle Wheels' by Jane Linfoot!

Today I am so pleased to have the fabulous Jane Linfoot here on my blog to talk about her brand new release High Heels & Bicycle Wheels, and the inspiration behind it... I'll let the lady herself take it from here...

Jane Linfoot - Bio

I’m Jane Linfoot, and I write fun, flirty fiction, with feisty heroines and a bit of an edge.

I live in a mountain kingdom in Derbyshire, England, where my family and pets are kind enough to ignore the domestic chaos – happily, we’re in walking distance of a supermarket. For me, writing romance is cool because I get to wear pretty shoes instead of wellies. I love hearts, flowers, happy endings, all things vintage, most things french. When I’m not on facebook, and can’t find an excuse for shopping, I’ll be walking, or gardening. On days when I want to be really scared, I ride a tandem.

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High Heels & Bicycle Wheels - Blurb

Meet Bryony: She's a fun-loving, very single TV production assistant whose idea of sport is the Jimmy Choo sales scrum

Meet Jackson: Cycling's bad boy superstar. Injured and out of racing this summer, without his training he's looking for another distraction.

Bryony's facing a triple whammy – her last single friend just named the day, her mother's offering to have her eggs frozen, and the guy she's loved from afar, forever, just got hitched. So she's more than happy to accept the offer of a totally out of character but seriously steamy one night of no-strings fun. Especially when the guy in question is so attractive he even looks good in Lycra!

Jackson's on the look out for a new career but if the opportunity to work on TV means a fortnight with the most uptight woman in the world, he'd rather not bother. He never goes in for seconds – and who in their right mind would head off in a camper van with a woman who irons her knickers?

Add in a tandem (yes, a tandem) and fast forward to double trouble for a summer neither of them will ever forget!


The inspiration behind High Heels & Bicycle Wheels...

When you’re a writer, inspiration pops up everywhere and the exciting things is, you never know when you’re going to find it.

Bryony, the heroine of High Heels & Bicycle Wheels marched onto the page fully formed in The Right Side Of Mr Wrong, and she refused to go away until I’d given her a stand alone story of her own...

Bryony works in TV, and strange as it sounds, when I was developing her story, she was very decided about what she wanted. We both thought a move onto a different different TV programme would be a good idea, to take this book to different places from the previous one, which centred around a stately home. And then one day when I was out at a cycling race in Lincoln, I saw a TV crew running around the town, with a blonde presenter, in high heeled trainers, interviewing the riders. Kerching! I knew instantly that Bryony was going to be working on a sports programme, and interviewing a cyclist. I do admit to being inspired by a set of pictures of David Ghandy wearing very little at this point. Enter Jackson Gale...

At the time, my partner and I had just begun to ride a tandem, and I had a sudden vision of  a very unsporty, yet very headstrong, TV presenter, Bryony, being thrown onto a tandem with hot pro-cyclist hero Jackson...who was also very determined. The tandem is an iconic symbol of coupledom, but they’re also quite hard to ride. Having my own hair raising experiences to draw on, I knew that sending the pair of them off on a short tandem ride would offer a spectacular and sparking start to what had to be a stormy relationship, given the strength of both these main characters.

 As for the rest of the story, again it was important to push Bryony and Jackson together, to make the most of the clashing of wills. Years ago I had a camper van, and still drool over them at VW shows. Given that I wanted this to be a book with a kind of all-summer-long feel, I decided a road trip in a VW camper van trip along the south coast taking in idyllic Devon and Cornwall, might be just what was needed, to fan the smouldering chemistry between Bryony and Jackson into a fire.


So for High Heels & Bicycle Wheels think beaches, camper vans, balmy evenings, and even hotter clinches...I hope it’s a perfect read for summer. 

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Jane, thank you so much for stopping by today, and thank you for such a fantastic post! Wishing you loads of success with High Heels & Bicycle Wheels!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring High heels & Bicycle Wheels on your blog today Michelle - and just to say, I LOVE how your Sriker series covers look altogether - totally fabulous! xx

    1. It was a pleasure having you stop by, Jane. :-) You're welcome any time! And, yeah, I absolutely ADORE my Striker Series covers! They're just gorgeous!! :-) xx