Monday, 16 June 2014

The Striker Series - Meet the Characters: Jim Allen

To mark the release of Striker - book #1 in my sexy soccer series - I'm going to do a number of posts introducing the central characters in the story. And today, it's time to meet American-born ex-footballer turned manager Jim Allen. 

Now in his late forties, Jim Allen is a bit of a dark, almost mysterious character. Some have even described him as having a slightly disturbing edge to him, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong there. Jim is a complicated man. A deep man. A man with a past. A man with secrets. A man who doesn't give too much away, especially when it comes to relationships. 

But he's also incredibly sexy, hot, and that dark side to him just makes him all the more attractive. All the more dangerous. And nobody knows that more than local sports reporter Amber Sullivan...

Jim Caviezel
Now, when I was writing the character of Jim I had two people in mind as the perfect muse. Both of them actors in their forties. Both of them hot, handsome, and capable of playing dark and mysterious characters - first there was Person of Interest star Jim Caviezel. He was my muse for Jim Allen for the first book, and most of the second. 

But then there was Timothy Olyphant. Also just as perfect for the character of Jim, because he has to be sexy, right? I mean, these books have some pretty hot scenes in them, a lot of them involving this charismatic fictional football manager. 

Timothy Olyphant
So this is how I picture him - tall, with dark, slightly greying hair but still so hot people stop and stare when he walks into a room.

Jim Allen is the epitome of control. A respected man within the world of football, he has a reputation for always getting what he wants. And when he moves from a top London club back up north to take the manager's job at Newcastle Red Star, the club he used to play for, he's got his eye on more than just the league title. The job isn't the only thing he's moved back to Newcastle for.
But this time Jim Allen is faced with more obstacles than he'd bargained for. The one thing he wants - the one thing he's come back up north to find - isn't guaranteed to become his quite as easy as he thought it might. He has to work hard; he has to fight. But Jim Allen plays a good game. It's just that, this time, is it a game he can win...? 

Striker is published by HarperImpulse, and is available to download right now!

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Book #2 in the Series - Extra Time - was released on July 10th and is also available to download now! 

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