Monday, 23 June 2014

I made the local press!

Just a quickie, mainly to make sure I have a record of this as it may be the only one to appear! After sending out dozens upon dozens of press releases over the past few weeks to try and get the word out about my sexy soccer series of books, finally, this morning, I noticed that me and the Striker Series had managed to bag a small mention in one of my local papers - The Northern Echo. Now, it may just be the online version in which I'm featured, and we're not exactly talking the New York Times here, but nevertheless I'm there, and for me it's quite an achievement, believe me. And it's also made me realise that sometimes, if you just have a little bit of faith, and patience, something will happen. Eventually. 

Who knows whether it'll have any effect on sales - I doubt it. But, I made the local press. I'm now officially a local author! And you have no idea how much it means to me to be able to say that... sometimes I just need to see something down in print to actually believe it's real...

Anyway, you can check out the article from The Northern Echo right HERE

Now, let's just see if any more of those press releases I sent out get noticed... ;-) 

Striker is available to download right HERE

And if you would like to pre-order the paperback copy of the book, you can do so HERE! It's out on August 14th.

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