Friday, 16 May 2014

The Rock Star Romance dilemma...

I'm having a little bit of a dilemma with my latest work-in-progress. Why? Well, I've made no secret of the fact I wanted to, at some point, write another book set within the world of rock bands and rock stars because, and this is something else I've never made a secret of, I have a bit of a thing for tattooed biker bad-boys. 
So, with the 'Striker' books finished and awaiting publication - although edits for two of them still need to be done - I thought I'd make a start on a brand new series of books. A rock star romance series.

And I don't know about other authors out there, but that feeling you get when you know you've cracked the storyline; when the characters suddenly start to become real. That feeling is just amazing! And I felt it this week. The story is writing itself now, and I just love it when that happens because, to me, it means this book is working. It's found its feet. So I have no concern over the story, characters, or where this series of books is going. I know exactly where they're going.

However, what I am concerned with is whether or not these books are a good fit for my publisher. Because this book I'm working on now - the first book in the series - is probably the hottest, most edgy book I will have written to date. Already I've written scenes in it that make Chapter 13 of (the soon-to-be-released) 'Final Score' look like an Enid Blyton novel! And it certainly isn't intentional, it's just the way the story is flowing. And then we have the subject matter - maybe it's just a little too edgy? We're talking lap-dancing clubs, sex-fuelled fairy tales; and the HOTTEST rock stars I've ever created! Oh, I haven't quite strayed into full-on erotica just yet, but it's close. Probably the closest I've come to making that leap. But what I'm writing now is not a "pretty" romance, but then, that's not the type of romance I write now anyway. But there's a slightly darker side to this one. It's risky, in parts, but I'm beginning to think that the kind of stuff I write depends very much on the mood I'm in at the time. And, right now, I'm very much in a "let's just frigging do this" mood. Which is not conducive to "pretty" romance. There are no hearts and flowers in this book, no romantic white weddings, candlelit dinners or love notes left stuck to the fridge. But there are bikes and bad boys, tattoos, music festivals, rock concerts... leather, chains, and lots and lots of sex! I wouldn't let my mother read this book, let's put it that way... 

If you're looking for a hint as to what my latest WIP is involving, here it is...

But I really don't want to sanitise any of it in any way. I don't want to "clean" it up or make it that little bit more palatable, because that would impede on everything the story is about. Because the story's incredibly important. There are reasons why everything happens. There are reasons why the characters do the things they do, and to sanitise their actions or tone them down in any way would take too much away from the story. I've already toned down the first couple of chapters because I felt, in some way, that too much too soon may be a stumbling block, but that's as much as I'm willing to do. And I might change it back yet. But what I'm trying to say is, already theses characters are becoming real to me, they're becoming a part of me, so that means I need to be true to them, and their story.

So, will I be sending this series of books to my publisher? I really don't know. Maybe not. Maybe I need to speak to them first and see what they think, but if these books don't get sent to them, they'll be self-published by me. Somehow they'll get out there. There are other books I can send to my publisher. Books that aren't, maybe, quite so edgy. Quite so dark. Unless dark and edgy's what they're looking for...

Anyway, I guess I just needed to say all that out loud, because it's been on my mind as work on this book progresses. It is what it is. It's a rock star romance with a hell of a lot of attitude. Parts of it might shock, other parts of it might just make you want to get closer to the gorgeous Seth Carter, no matter what his persuasions. ;) It's really a dark, Cinderella-type story, if you like. A rock and roll fairy tale. After all, no matter what walk of life we come from, doesn't every girl secretly want their very own Prince Charming? No matter what shape or form he might take.

And if you like that kind of thing, then you might just like this new series of books from me. But how they get published is something I still have to think about...


  1. Go for it, Michelle! Ask HI - they can only say "no". Erotica is BIG business these days. Got to be in it to win it, I say. BTW - I'm loving the layout of your Blog. It's fab! Did you do it yourself? And if you did - WOW!!

    1. Thank you, Caroline. :) And I did do it myself. Probably the most technical thing I've ever done, and all without any help from hubby!! ;)

  2. A woman's got to write what a woman's got to write. And if it's gritty and edgy and sexy and contains rock stars... I say, go for it. LOL! Write first, and then figure out a way to publish. The world is your oyster, the stage is yours, don't be afraid to follow your heart and your instinct.... :-)

  3. You are so right, Nicky. And I'm taking your advice - I'm just writing this story as it happens, and I'll worry about everything else when that's done. :-) It's so nice to be back in the world of rock!