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Meet the Author - Lori Connelly

Want to meet another fabulous author? I've been joined by Lori Connelly today, another of my wonderful fellow Harper Impulse authors. 

Read on to find out more about Lori, her books, and just what TV shows she likes to watch... and I just happen to be a HUGE fan of one of those shows...

Author bio:

I was born and still live in Oregon. Despite being a good student, my teachers complained about my tendency to daydream. The tales dancing through my imagination were frequently far more entertaining than real life. As far back as I can remember I made up stories, to calm my sister after a nightmare, entertain myself in boring classes and write in countless notebooks, many never again to see the light of day. I earned a BS from Eastern Oregon State College and married my best friend almost twenty years ago. I’ve three brilliant, handsome sons, one amazing daughter-in-law, a beautiful granddaughter and two spoiled dogs. When not writing I love to read, hike, camp, rock hound, and take long walks with my husband just after it rains.


When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?  

As far back as I can remember I’ve made up stories to entertain myself to the point that my teachers complained about my constant daydreaming.  When we were little, my sister had nightmares, and I’d spin tales to comfort her.  And then I became a teenager.  I filled notebooks with angst, bad poetry and stories.  I’ve dreamed of becoming a published author since high school but I struggled with doubt and some life challenges for years before I felt ready to pursue it.  I started writing with the intent of publication in 2006.

What was the inspiration for your current book?  

I like exploring what if’s to existing relationships.  I’ve known couples who survived a trauma, and then most fell apart afterwards.  Few of the pairs worked through the aftermath and had a stronger bond.  In The Lawman of Silver Creek, I wanted to show a glimpse into the lives of a couple who love each other but a traumatic event has put their relationship in jeopardy.  

Do you listen to music while you write, or are you someone who needs complete silence to work?    

For me, a mother, silence usually means something is wrong so I find it a distraction.  I love music.  While I writing I listen to the latest hits music channel.  During the process of a work in progress I will start to associate at least a couple of songs with the story I’m writing and then I will listen to them repeatedly until I finish.  
Do you get nervous reading reviews of your books?  

I’m always nervous reading other people’s opinions of my work.  I want everyone to enjoy the stories as much as I do. 

Is there a particular time of the day in which you prefer to write?   

I write whenever I can grab a moment but, I love writing late at night sometimes into the early morning hours. 

Do you plan your stories before you start writing them, or do you just “wing” it?  

I make scene / sequel note cards as rough outline and then I open a single document and ‘wing’ the first draft.  

How did it feel the first time you saw your name on the cover of that book you’d written?   

I wanted to jump up and down and squeal as if I was a small child on Christmas morning.  Wait.  I think I did.  Honestly, seeing my name on my covers still excites me. 

What advice would you give to anyone just starting out on their writing journey?  

Remember if one person can do it, another can.  Never give up.  Read.  Write.  Write more.  And then write more. 
You’ve just won a few million on the lottery, what’s the first thing you do?    

Alas, I would do the most boring of things, pay bills.  Three neurosurgeries for my pituitary adenoma took a toll.   After I was responsible though I’d buy some acres in the country, have my very own Hobbit Hole House built and buy a miniature highland cow. 

What do you like to do to relax?  

Read, walk in the woods, go rock hounding, write random ideas for new stories, look at pictures of granddaughter and think of when I can hold her again.

Favourite TV character, past or present.   

Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly – can’t help but love a space cowboy.  

Favourite TV show, past or present.   

Firefly – past  Castle – present  Nathan Fillion. I also LOVE the Big Bang Theory.

Five words that describe you.  

Dreamer, Sensitive, Shy, Curious, Imaginative.


The Lawman of Silver Creek - blurb:

 As sheriff of Silver Creek County, Matthew Marson’s job is to look after his town. But when he fails to protect the most important person in his life, Claire, from an attack, Matt feels as though he will never be able to forgive himself.

Her husband-to-be’s newly found overprotectiveness drives the headstrong Claire from his arms. She can’t see a future with a man who won’t allow her to follow her dreams.
In a small town where everybody knows your name and your business, it’s impossible for the pair to stay apart, especially as Claire finds that she can’t completely turn her back on the lawman that she loves.


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Lori is also co-author of Loving Winter Nights, Love Romance (free ebook)

A Witch by Chance (free pdf book, downloadable from my website or blog)


Thank you so much for taking part in Meet the Author, Lori. It was lovely to have you stop by my blog! And it's always good to meet another fan of the Big Bang Theory!

Wishing you loads of luck with all your future projects!

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