Tuesday, 18 March 2014

'Unbreakable' - the soundtrack to my latest HOT romance!

I think most people who know me know that, for me, music is probably one of the biggest influences on my writing. Songs have been known to save me from a bout of unwelcome writer's block, inspire a scene or a chapter, or even an entire book! Take my music away from me and I'm left with nothing, really. 

Nearly every single one of my books has had a playlist to accompany it - a soundtrack that I put together and played whilst I was writing that particular book, and my newest novel 'Unbreakable' was no exception. 

Set mainly in a small town in central Kentucky, a lot of the music on this particular playlist has a bit of a laid back, almost country feel to it, but practically every single one of the songs on this playlist helped inspire some aspect of the book. Most of these songs mean something. So, just what kind of stuff was I listening to when I wrote 'Unbreakable'?

You can check out some of the songs from the playlist right here...

Little Big Town - Tornado  


I don't know what it is about this song, but I just love it! And the whole feel of the track just sets the mood for 'Unbreakable'. A great song, and probably my 'Unbreakable' theme tune...

Mariah Carey - Vision of Love  

A beautiful song for a book that is, first and foremost, a love story. 

The Eagles - Victim of Love

I've always loved this song, and again it captures the mood of 'Unbreakable' perfectly.

Carrie Underwood - Last Name 

This is actually probably the only song on this playlist that doesn't really bear any relevance - lyrics-wise - to the story in 'Unbreakable'. But, for some reason, I just loved listening to it when I was writing the book. It's a fabulous, fun song, there are a few parties thrown in 'Unbreakable', and I guess this is one of those songs that would've been played at one of those parties.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Still Unbroken 

It's the lyrics to this one that I love, and the whole feel of the song. It had to be on this playlist.

Cher - One by One  

Another song I have always loved, and again it's the lyrics and the feel of the song that I like. They fit the mood of the book, and certain scenes in 'Unbreakable' just perfectly.

Hayden Panettiere - Telescope 

Got to have a fun song in there somewhere!! And, as I mentioned before, there are a few parties thrown in 'Unbreakable', and this would definitely have been played at those parties! Besides, Sheriff Ethan Everett in the book was a bit of a womanizer in his past, so, you could say this is a pretty apt song in reality... ;) 

Little Big Town - Front Porch Thing  

Porches are actually mentioned a lot in 'Unbreakable'... No, seriously, this is another great song from one of my favourite bands, and again, it kind of captures the mood of 'Unbreakable'.

Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

And there are a lot of people giving even more people quite a bit to talk about in this new book of mine, believe me...

So, there you have it. Just some of the great music that helped inspire 'Unbreakable'

And, if you'd like to check out my brand new HOT romance (it does get a bit steamy at times, and I'm not just talking about the weather...), and find out just what Sheriff Ethan Everett does with those handcuffs when he's not on duty, you can check out 'Unbreakable' HERE over on Amazon. It's available to download now! 

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Small-town secrets, unbreakable love...

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