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The countdown to Unbreakable's release begins here!

Cassidy Cooper lives an ordinary life in north east England, bringing up her son and working in the office of a local college.

But when her American granddad dies, and her Kentucky-born mum insists they travel over to the US, to Glenville, the small town she was born and brought up in, to attend his funeral, Cassidy suddenly has to face up to a past she’s deliberately tried to push aside. Because the last time she’d visited that town things had happened; things Cassidy hadn’t dealt with very well. She hadn’t really dealt with them at all. Was she going to have to deal with them now?

Ethan Everett is the Sheriff of Glenville. Hot, handsome and slightly maverick in his ways, his life is carrying on the way it always has done, until Cassidy Cooper walks back into town. They have history. They have a past. And that past is something they all have to face.

As secrets buried within this small town threaten to tear lives apart, and change then forever, can love really be unbreakable?


That's the blurb for 'Unbreakable', and I'm on the very last leg of editing now. That book is about to wing its way onto my Kindle for that all-important read-through before I finally let it loose onto those virtual bookshelves. But I thought, because it's still at least a week away from release, I'd leave another little taster. Another teaser. And explain again, for those who don't already know, just how this bonus book of mine came about. And why it's seeing the light of day now. Because that wasn't originally the plan.

I was in the middle of writing the final installment of my hot, edgy, football-themed 'Striker' trilogy when I made the decision to put that to one side and write 'Unbreakable'. I'd just started watching a show called Justified, fell completely in love with it, became slightly obsessed with both Timothy Olyphant's ass-kicking character of Raylan Givens, and the incredible Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder - probably one of the best TV criminals ever. Such a clever, clever character. Love him...

Boyd and Raylan in 'Justified' - the inspiration behind the characters of Beau and Ethan in my book 'Unbreakable'.

Anyway, this show kick-started something in my head. A new idea. Because that's the way I work. I can get a new idea just like that, triggered by something I'm watching, or a song I'm listening to. That's how it happens for me. And when a new idea takes hold I have to get it down on paper, make a start on turning it into a full-blown book. I have to work on it. Especially when the words just fall onto the page, as they did with 'Unbreakable'. That's when I knew I just had to put 'Final Score' on hold and work on this new, totally unplanned book. 

And even though quite a lot of my books usually involve a little bit of glamour somewhere along the line, this book had none of that. No glamour at all. I wanted to create my own little world far away from the one I really live in; far away from the kind of worlds I usually write about, even. I wanted to escape to a world where denim rules, where they drink bourbon and everyone knows everyone else's business. I wanted to create a small town run by one hot, sexy Sheriff. And so Ethan Everett was created. Six weeks later the first draft of 'Unbreakable' was finished. And now, just three months after putting that manuscript away to get back to the 'Striker' trilogy, I've pulled it back out, re-edited it, and I've made the decision to self-publish it. In about a week or so. And some people may be wondering why my next book isn't going to be the final installment of that sexy soccer trilogy, and that's a fair question, seeing as the first two installments are already out there. But there is a reason why 'Final Score' is going to take a little while longer to see the light of day than originally planned. Bear with me on that one, all will be explained soon. I promise.

The wonderful Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder in 'Justified', my inspiration for the character of Beau Bennett in 'Unbreakable'.

In the meantime, though, 'Unbreakable' will be the next self-published release from me. And one of the main elements in this book is the relationship between two of the male characters - Sheriff Ethan Everett and his one-time best friend Beau Bennett. A relationship that was influenced quite heavily by the relationship between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder in Justified. Their relationship, as anyone who watches the show will know, is a complicated, complex one and that's what I love about it. And it's one of the reasons why I wanted to carry the story started in 'Unbreakable' through into a second book, because there's still so much to be explained and explored between the characters of Ethan and Beau. They're both involved in Cassidy's life, in very different ways, and I think I've only really scratched the surface of what lies beneath for those three main characters. So there will be a follow-up to 'Unbreakable'. Definitely. Already got the plot outlined and a very rough draft scribbled down. 

Timothy Olyphant rocking that notoriously tricky double-denim look as Raylan Givens, my inspiration for Sheriff Ethan Everett in 'Unbreakable'

Oh, and another thing that's quite important to remember in this book is that the characters of Cassidy and Mason are probably the only two characters that speak with a (northern) English accent. The books is set mainly in a fictional small town in the state of Kentucky, so, everyone else speaks quite differently to Cassidy and her son. Check out the trailer I've posted below for Justified, and be aware that when the characters of Beau, Ethan, Ava... and probably everyone else in the book, to be honest; when they speak, this is how they sound. I've tried to write it as best I could, with that accent in mind. And it's one of the benefits of being completely obsessed with Justified, actually, because those accents are constantly in my head at the minute!! 

Anyway, all I can really say is, making the decision to put 'Final Score' to one side (even though that book actually is almost finished) to concentrate on 'Unbreakable'  was something I just had to do. It was, for me, too important to forget about. And it's now turned into a book that means the world to me, because it came completely out of nowhere. When, as an author, you start writing something that just literally pours out of you, you don't ignore that. You can't. This book may have come from out of left field for me, but I knew when I was writing it that it was going to be a book I was going to adore working on. I'm in love with every single one of the characters, and I hope some of you will fall in love with them, too, I really do. And I also I hope you'll all understand why this book is appearing now, before the final part of the 'Striker' trilogy. There are, as I mentioned before, reasons for that, and I'll explain all soon. But, more than anything, I just hope you'll enjoy 'Unbreakable'. It's a book that came from my heart. A romance that has it's fair share of hot sex, of course, because that's what I write, but it's also a love story, pure and simple. 

And before I run the risk of rambling for Britain, I'm going to leave you with another little excerpt from 'Unbreakable' - a slightly steamier, sexier excerpt. A little taster of what's to come, although, maybe I should have worded that slightly differently...

"She threw her arms above her head, stretching out and closing her eyes as his hands held onto her hips, lifting them up to meet his as his lips brushed the base of her throat, sending those glorious tingles shooting right through her. Tingles that only intensified the second she felt him gently push into her, that beautiful feeling of his body joining with hers sending her stomach into overdrive and her heart beating so fast it was all she could hear. That, and the sound of music and voices drifting up from the party outside, but she could blank all of that out, she could forget it was happening. With every gentle thrust of his body deeper into hers reality was being pushed further and further away until all she was aware of was his breath on her skin and his voice whispering promises in her ear that she believed; she believed him. Now.

She felt his fingers intertwine with hers, their eyes locked together as that beautiful endgame drew closer. Already her body was preparing itself for his release, ready to accept him and all he had to give her, even though she wanted it to last forever, this desire to just totally lose herself in him."

'Unbreakable' - small town secrets, unbreakable love.  

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