Monday, 17 March 2014

It's release day for 'Unbreakable'!

So, here are we. Just four months after I began the first draft of this book 'Unbreakable' is now out there, even though it wasn't planned. No, this book wasn't even on the outskirts of my writing radar. It was an idea that hit me completely out of the blue, I just didn't see it coming, but once the characters and the story had embedded themselves in my brain there was no way they were going anywhere until I'd written this book.

I think most of you know that 'Unbreakable' was inspired by my obsession love for the show 'Justified', and its two main characters Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder (Timothy Olyphant and the utterly fabulous Walton Goggins), and I can only thank that show for giving me an idea that I hope I've managed to turn into a story that people will love reading just as much as I enjoyed writing it. In fact, I enjoyed writing it so much that a follow-up has already been planned and the first chapter scribbled down. There's a lot of mileage left in these characters yet... and I need an excuse to continue using Timothy Olyphant as inspiration... I'm shallow like that...

The characters of Boyd Crowder and Raylan Givens in 'Justified' - the inspiration behind 'Unbreakable'

But, for those of you still wondering when the final installment of the 'Striker Trilogy' is going to be out - because that book was supposed to be my next release, but a lot of things have happened since all that was planned - I promise that I am still working on that book, the first draft is almost finished, and there will be news regarding the 'Striker' books soon. But, seeing as 'Unbreakable' was just sitting there on my hard drive doing nothing, I figured I might as well give everyone a little something new from me; a bonus book, if you like. Something to fill that gap until the next 'Striker' book is out. 

So, what exactly is 'Unbreakable' about? Here's the blurb...

Cassidy Cooper lives an ordinary life in north east England, bringing up her teenage son and working in the office of a local college.

But when her American granddad dies, and her Kentucky-born mum insists they travel over to the US, to Glenville, the small town she was born and brought up in, to attend his funeral, Cassidy suddenly has to face up to a past she’s deliberately tried to push aside. Because the last time she’d visited that town things had happened; things Cassidy hadn’t dealt with very well. She hadn’t really dealt with them at all. Was she going to have to deal with them now?

Ethan Everett is the Sheriff of Glenville. Hot, handsome and slightly maverick in his ways, his life is carrying on the way it always has done, until Cassidy Cooper walks back into town. They have history. They have a past. And that past is something they all have to face.

As secrets buried within this small town threaten to tear lives apart, and change them forever, can love really be unbreakable?

First and foremost 'Unbreakable' is a love story. But, because that's what I write, it's also, at times, a pretty hot love story. There are some fairly steamy scenes in this book, and if you prefer the sex to stop at the bedroom door then I'd probably leave this well alone. But it is a love story. A touching, sometimes heart-wrenching love story - an edgy, tough, and not-always-pretty love story. But it's a story I loved writing.I just hope some of you out there will enjoy reading it, too...

You can download your copy of 'Unbreakable' HERE from Amazon.

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