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Fantasy Cast Friday - 'Unbreakable' by Michelle Betham

As there are a few free slots available for Fantasy Cast Friday, and I just happen to have released a new book this week, I thought I'd be a little self-indulgent today and make use of one of those free slots to do my very own Fantasy Cast List for that aforementioned new book.

So, here we go - Unbreakable... small-town secrets, unbreakable love...

The blurb

Cassidy Cooper lives an ordinary life in north east England, bringing up her son and working in the office of a local college.

But when her American granddad dies, and her Kentucky-born mum insists they travel over to the US, to Glenville, the small town she was born and brought up in, to attend his funeral, Cassidy suddenly has to face up to a past she’s deliberately tried to push aside. Because the last time she’d visited that town things had happened; things Cassidy hadn’t dealt with very well. She hadn’t really dealt with them at all. Was she going to have to deal with them now?

Ethan Everett is the Sheriff of Glenville. Hot, handsome and slightly maverick in his ways, his life is carrying on the way it always has done, until Cassidy Cooper walks back into town. They have history. They have a past. And that past is something they now all have to face.

As secrets buried within this small town threaten to tear lives apart, and change them forever, can love really be unbreakable? 


My Fantasy Cast...

Sheriff Ethan Everett - Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant as US Marshal Raylan Givens in 'Justified'

Yes, this inspired piece of casting must have come as such a shock to everyone out there (everyone who knows me, anyway...). But, as it was Mr. O's character of hot, kick-ass US Marshal Raylan Givens in Justified that inspired my very own hot, kick-ass lawman - Sheriff Ethan Everett - there was absolutely nobody else out there who could fill those cowboy boots. Nobody. Not even Ryan Gosling. It's just not happening. I mean, come on, nobody can rock double-denim like Mr. O... and that is a notoriously hard look to pull off... 

Cassidy Cooper - Kate Hudson

The second I saw this picture of Kate Hudson, I saw Cassidy. That's exactly how I imagine this character to look. However, we'd have to make sure Ms. Hudson could do a good (northern) English accent, as Cassidy is one of the few British people in the book. But I'm sure we could work on that...

Ava Cooper - Meryl Streep

Absolutely no doubt in my mind about this piece of casting. Meryl Streep is one of my FAVOURITE actresses of all time, and when I was writing Unbreakable, she was exactly who I pictured when I wrote the character of Ava Cooper, Cassidy's mum; a woman who plays a major role in the story... but I'm not giving anything else away, just that Ms. Streep would be perfect for the role. Totally, totally. perfect!

Mason Cooper - Nicholas Hoult

Mason is Cassidy's teenage son, and an integral part of the story. He's a character that needs to be young, handsome, dark-haired... he's a young man who's also very level-headed, and I think Nicholas Hoult would most definitely fit the bill! And the bonus is that he's English! So no need to faff about with an accent. Although, saying that, Mason is also from north east England, so Nicholas may have to work on that Geordie accent a little bit. We'd make him "posh" Geordie, though, and yes, there is such a thing, before you ask. 

Beau Bennett - Walton Goggins 

Beau Bennett is Ethan Everett's one-time best friend turned adversary. And another character who plays a major role in the story, and an even bigger one in the follow-up, but that's something for later in the year. Now, I actually struggled with this role, but not because I had no idea who I'd cast. I knew exactly who I wanted to cast, but, by casting my ideal actor I was running the risk of making this look like a Justified love-in (Walton Goggins plays Boyd Crowder, Raylan Givens' one-time friend turned adversary in Justified). But then I thought, what the hell? There's no secret that Unbreakable sort of sprang from a little bit of Justified fan-fiction (albeit purely in my head), so why not just cast who I pictured as that character when I was writing it? And the utterly fabulous Walton Goggins (don't you just love that name?) is the man I pictured playing Beau when I was writing him. And check out that smile! I adore that smile. Seriously, though, this man plays the best bad boy I have seen in a long time! I just love the guy...

Rayner Marshall - Kate Walsh   

Rayner is Ethan Everett's ex-wife, and a bit of a larger-than-life character in some ways. I've made her a bit of a fiery red-head in the book, and she certainly has her moments, that's for sure! Who would I cast in the role of Rayner? I've always liked Kate Walsh, ever since I saw her in Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I think she could really bring Rayner to life.


So, there you have it. My ultimate fantasy cast for my brand new, HOT romance Unbreakable. And if you'd like to check out the first two chapters for free, you can do so HERE

* Unbreakable is available to download HERE from Amazon *

And if you'd like to take part in Fantasy Cast Friday, just get in touch! 

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