Friday, 21 February 2014

Fantasy Cast Friday - Boss Girl by Nic Tatano

We're back with Nic Tatano for Fantasy Cast Friday this week as he shares his dream cast list for his latest release, Boss Girl! Want to find out who he'd choose to play those all-important lead roles? Read on...


Sydney Hack is the single, thirtysomething VP of news for a failing network… and she also has a taste for younger men.
She soon realizes a whole lot of over-thirty female viewers do as well, so she sets out to give these women what they want; a chiseled, trophy buck in his twenties sitting on the anchor desk next to a woman…




With nothing to lose she does the unthinkable; along with three female managers who happen to be her best friends she brings out the casting couch and turns it into a sleeper sofa. Doesn't matter that the men have no television experience. As long as they look good. And there’s a hint of romance in every newscast.

Ratings skyrocket as a result, but Sydney and her female cohorts discover something else along the way…

True love is not always age appropriate.


Fantasy Cast List

Sydney - Kate Walsh

Rica - Callie Thorne

Shawn - Josh Hutcheson

Scott - Matt Bomer

Jillian - Charlize Theron

Neely - Jenna Dewan


Thanks for a brilliant fantasy cast list, Nic! I'd never really taken much notice of Matt Bomer before, but after you've brought him to my attention, I'll certainly be paying him a lot more attention than before! 

And Boss Girl - published through HarperImpulse - is available to download NOW! 

Find out more about Nic, and his books, over on the HarperImpulse website.


  1. Thanks for inviting me, Michelle...

    Matt Bomer stars in "White Collar" on the USA Network on this side of the pond. It's a fun, very clever show... check it out if you can.

    1. I'm definitely going to check it out, Nic. I'm sure we used to get it over here in the UK on one of our satellite channels, but I'm certainly going to look it up. I'm always on the look-out for something new to watch. :)

      And thanks once again for guesting on my blog this week. It's been really lovely getting to know you more. Wishing you so much success with Boss Girl. :)