Friday, 13 December 2013

New release! 'Tabby & Kat' by Amanda Egan.

I'm popping open the virtual champagne today to celebrate the release of my wonderful friend Amanda Egan's brand new book, Tabby & Kat, and I am absolutely certain it's going to be another amazing success for her. Want to find out more about it? I'll let Amanda herself take over...

Thanks for having me, Michelle - today I'd like to hand over to my main character in my latest novel, 'Tabby & Kat'  and let her tell you a little bit about the plot.  Her parrot, Timothy, wanted to do it but his language can be a bit fruity at times so we bribed him with nuts and kept him quiet. 

Hi!  My name's Tabby and my life's about to get turned upside down just when I thought everything was just perfect - aside from the lack of male in my life, that is.
You see, I've been in a house share with my best friends Adam and Polly ever since we met at Uni - and when we came back to London we decided we'd carry on living together.  We're the 'Thunky Three' and, stupidly, I thought we'd be together forever.  Well ... Poll's about to get married and pop out a sprog, so Adam and I need to look for a new housemate.  He'd be quite happy to pay the extra rent and share with just me but ... well ... he's always had a bit of a thing for me and I'm not so sure it would be a great idea to give him false hope.  Don't get me wrong - I love him, just not like that!  He's just 'Adam' and not someone I could ... you know, get down and dirty with! Oooh, no - that would seem weird!

So my story starts with us interviewing prospective house sharers and Adam and I have to agree on who we choose.

What on earth made us decide on Kat and will my life ever be the same again?

Find out in 'Tabby & Kat' released on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback at Lulu on Thursday 12th December.

Watch out!  There's a cuckoo in the nest.

First chapter here.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter @mummy_misfit

And check out all of her books here!
Amazon Uk

Thank you so much, Amanda! And I wish you loads of success with 'Tabby & Kat'!

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