Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kathryn Brown releases Bedknobs and Bachelors.

Today I am so, so happy to be featuring my wonderful friend Kathryn Brown as she launches her latest novel, Bedknobs and Bachelors. I've read it, I loved it, and you can check out my review at the end of this post. 

But first, find out more about Kathryn's latest release, and check out the cover for this book - it's fabulous!


Gary Stringer is on a mission; he wants to accumulate as many notches on his bedpost as he possibly can before he turns 30. You could say he’s a jack-the-lad and you could accuse him of being a ladies’ man, but Gary also has a sensitive nature, especially when it comes to his mum. He likes to think of himself as someone with a truck-load of street-cred, someone with a reputation to ‘please’, particularly between the sheets. But when two very different women walk into his life and he realises his desire to become a ‘changed man’, he faces the dilemma of holding onto his fly-by-night reputation or settling down once and for all. And the decision he needs to make if he is to settle down leaves Gary in somewhat of a quandary.

It was a lot of fun writing this book and I loved adding the humour which comes with Gary’s character, not to mention that of his best friends, Alfie and Jez. My love for novels written from a male point of view inspired me to start writing Bedknobs and Bachelors, having previously published two novels written in first person from a female’s point of view. It is a lighthearted and fun read, sex scenes aplenty and a sense of bachelordom as one man looks at his life from a different angle.


Gary Stringer seems to have it all: a great job, fantastic friends, a love for the night-life and a penchant for sex. However, upholding his reputation as a ladies’ man isn’t quite that easy when, at twenty-seven, he still hasn’t cut the apron strings.

What Gary wants more than anything is his own bachelor pad – a place where the ever-increasing notches on his bedpost can be noisily etched, far away from the watchful eyes of his mother. But can he afford it? More to the point, is he actually ready to take that leap and, for once in his life, wash his own socks?

As Gary ponders his dilemma, he’s faced with yet another when two beautiful women enter his life within a matter of days. Will his reputation precede him? Will he make the decision to string along two women? Or will he finally admit that the feeling in his heart is a little more than just indigestion? Will it be Janice or Lisa? And will Alfie and Jez – his lifelong bachelor friends – be a help or a hindrance?


My Review of Bedknobs and Bachelors 

What can I say about Kathryn Brown’s latest novel, Bedknobs and Bachelors? Apart from the fact I loved it! Bedknobs and Bachelors tells the story of Gary Stringer, a typical jack-the-lad, still living at home and enjoying every perk being a young bachelor can bring. But Gary is starting to question his future. Does he carry on collecting those notches on his bedpost? After all, he isn’t short of women offering to help him on that score. Or does he seriously start thinking about moving away, getting a place of his own, and maybe even settling down? If he can find the right woman. But what Gary didn’t bank on was two women walking into his life – two very different women. And all of a sudden he finds himself having to make that decision about his future; does he continue to be the lad-about-town with the street cred and the reputation as a ladies’ man? Or does he opt for the quieter life and become a changed man?

Bedknobs and Bachelors is a humorous yet heart-felt look at Gary’s dilemma as he ponders his future, and I think Kathryn has created a character that, yes, he is a typical jack-the-lad, but he also has a sensitive side to him that made me warm to him almost immediately. He isn’t a complete idiot, he’s just a typical young bloke with all the worries and dilemmas that men of his age have to contend with. He’s struggling with that crossroads in his life, and at times I really felt for him, almost willing him on to make the right choice.

Kathryn has done a fantastic job of writing this book from Gary’s point of view, and she’s created a story that is both extremely funny yet also heartwarming and sensitive; a story about love and friendship. And in Gary she’s given us a character who is both cocky yet endearing, and I really liked him. He’s trying to make his way in the world the best he can, but that doesn’t come without its struggles, of which Gary has many, most of which he’s never had to handle before. And with his two best mates not always helping matters, his life isn’t always an easy one. But I was rooting for him constantly, because he was so likeable!

This author also has a real talent for writing humour – this book made me not only smile, but also laugh out loud, and that’s what I loved about it. It was a roller-coaster ride of emotions at times, and yes, there is the usual bad language and quite a few sex scenes in there, but that in itself is just being true to the characters in the book. That’s how they talk and that’s what they do.

It’s another beautifully written book from Kathryn Brown, an author who can turn her hand to anything from romance to humour, an author who can draw you into a story and keep you wanting to read more. I loved Bedknobs and Bachelors – and if you’re looking for a book that will make you smile and keep you hooked until the very last page, then I think you’ll love it, too. Thank you, Kathryn, for a wonderful read. And for introducing me to Gary Stringer!


Bedknobs and Bachelors is available in paperback from Amazon and in eBook on Kindle.



  1. Thank you so much for this, Michelle. Your support has been incredible xxx

    1. You are so welcome, Kathryn. I really, really loved Bedknobs and Bachelors, and you deserve so much success with it. I'm just glad I've been able to help you promote this book. :) xx

  2. Can't wait to read this - the cover is just begging me to hop in :)

    1. Isn't the cover fab? It really makes you want to read the book, and I think you'll enjoy it, Amanda. :)